Being your own brand is something that may sound bizarre when you first read that line – but think about it – we are in a world where everything that we previously relied upon, has come tumbling down. Job security no longer exists, and the divorce rate is higher than ever.
We are moving to a future, where it is becoming clearer than ever, that we are going to play more of a role, as individuals – finally, the world is embracing a more open minded attitude towards the power of the individual, but also, of our potential for coming together and creating a true shift in the Universal energy

In order to make a global energy shift, we first need to define and refine exactly who are are and what we stand for. How can we possibly know what role we play in the bigger picture unless we have a clear vision of ourselves to begin with?

The idea of branding is most associated with the world of business. Create a new product or business, and you have to have a clear message/brand before you can even think about putting it out there via advertising and marketing. And one false move and you risk losing everything that you have invested in the new venture.

Think of yourself as a product – imagine now, that you had to come up with a launch campaign – what would your logo look like? What would your two minute advert be about? Picture it now – create a mini movie in your minds eye – imagine your advert – would there be any music on it, and if so, what? Would you star in it, or would someone else play your role, and if so who? Which audience would your advert be aimed at? Who is your target market?

Imagine yourself as a brand as big as Coca Cola

Just what are YOU trying to achieve? Who do you want to reach out to and touch? Who are you passionate about communicating with, and what is your ultimate legacy? What would you most like to achieve and be remembered for?

Too many people float through life without a clear purpose, or knowledge of who they truly are.

Once you connect to your Inner Power, your most authentic self, everything in your life will ‘shift’. You will notice dramatic results.

You will be in perfect alignment to attract the partner most suited to you, the career path most suited to you, infact, the list of areas of transformation is endless.

Instead of just sitting about trying to figure it all out, and wait for it to come to you, you need to grab the moment, because life is short, and time is precious and the time to be your own brand is now.

We are being called to play a part in a bigger game, and there has never been a more perfect time to revamp yourself, and even start again, Wipe the slate clean, and embrace this period of global change. You truly can create the life that you desire right now.

I believe in taking a pro-active approach to change and to be an active and conscious creator – just as my Unleash your Inner Goddess book inspired women to connect to their Inner self within a 21 day time frame, ‘Be your own brand’ works in a similar way.

Author's Bio: 

Angie B (Angela Butler) is better known as the Brand Goddess

Author of the book 'Unleash your Inner Goddess, from Victim to Vixen in 21 days and beyond', Angela works in female empowerment, and also personal branding.