As mentioned in the previous posts today people have to pay rather large amounts of money any time they go over their weight with their luggage. With that said it’s all about packing smart and light. Because you will have likely planned out your itinerary and tour ahead of time it will help you with your packing list.
Speaking of packing list, this is a great tip for travelers to use whether you are traveling to Rome or any other city. If you write out the list you are much less likely to forget key items.
Here’s a look at some of the items that are key to pack:

•A lightweight jacket (with a hood during rainier seasons)
•Comfortable sneakers
•Dress shoes (for dining out, the theatre, etc)
•Toiletry items
•A small homemade first aid kit, this can include things like bandages and
first aid cream or spray
•Any medications you may need including things for tummy issues, pain,
allergies, etc.
•A hat
•Money belt
•All travel documents
•Money to use while in Rome
•Your reservation and booking information
•A lightweight backpack or bag to use on your day tours
•A small umbrella that fits in your backpack

It’s a good idea to check out the weather ahead of time before you even
book as far too often people assume they know what the weather will be like in
Rome at a particular time of year only to end up disappointed.

If you decide that public transport and walking are not for you, you might want to consider renting a car from a rental company or getting accommodation on
Siem Reap Tours
". There is generally more than one Rental Company, so it will be clever to get quotes from each and find a deal that works for you. Make sure there are no “hidden costs” and make sure you know exactly what the rental will cost you at the end of your trip before you confirm any bookings. There is also a
variety of cars available that will fit in with your lifestyle. Whether it’s a
nifty little car to zip through traffic or a more appropriate family car, you will find exactly what you need. Keep in mind when in Europe the streets

Make sure that you have an idea of what the weather will be like while you are on vacation to pack the right clothing. Make a checklist of every item that you will need to in order to avoid forgetting essentials such as your toothbrush. Make sure your bags are packed and meet the standard weight requirements unless you are willing to pay an extra fee for overweight luggage. You can literally pack your bag and then weigh it on your home scale. If you plan on traveling to different cities/countries on your trip, packing lighter has many advantages. For more information regarding your luggage requirements, consult with your chosen airline to avoid unnecessary expenses when you arrive at the airport.

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