Whatever changes you want to make in your life you will find some aspects of change easy and some aspects of change difficult.

The easy bit is working out that you need to change. That increasing sense of frustration, that growing sense of unease or just a general awareness of unhappiness, all of these things will make you realise that you need to change something.

The difficult bit is actually taking the decision to change, making a choice that you are prepared to take action to get rid of that frustration, unease or unhappiness.

Of course sometimes you don’t have a choice. You’ve lost the job, or you’ve lost the client or you’ve lost your partner or husband or wife and, boy, does that feel bad! So there you are, in the midst of change and you don’t even want to be there! But willing or not you still have to go through a process of change to accommodate the things that have happened.

As my specialist area is change and transition coaching (and I have developed a process specifically designed to power you through the changes you want to/have to make) there are many, many things I could tell you about how to do change successfully.

But let’s focus on one thing that will make you feel better about the whole change process.

And it is ...(drum roll please)...

* Be optimistic.

* Be optimistic in knowing that change IS possible.

* Be optimistic in knowing that the outcome can be good.

* Be optimistic in knowing that you have the strength to do this change.

Now I don’t expect you to behave as if you’ve taken some Pollyanna happy-pill. I’m British for goodness sake, we don’t do that kind of unbridled enthusiasm. I’m not expecting high-fives or dances around the room. Though, to be honest, if that kind of enthusiasm comes over you I’d say make the most of it.

But at the beginning or in the midst of the change process it can be difficult to find that bubbling-over enthusiasm, because you are focused on what is NOT possible or you are worried about what can go wrong. If you find yourself in this place, just allow yourself to be optimistic that there is a way, things will work out, you do know what to do and many things are possible.

You do have more strength than you know. You have gained more wisdom than you are aware of. You have more capabilities than have yet found expression in the world. Hold onto these thoughts and take them into your life. And my coach’s thoughts and support will be with you as you continue on your journey.

To your sunny and abundant future!

(c) 2010 Liz Copeland

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Liz Copeland is the True Courage Coach. If you are on the brink of something big and want to move forward or if you are being forced to take a big step True Courage Coaching will support you. So if you’ve lost the job, your partner or your waistline and you want to get to step up and into your ideal future get started right away with your free True Courage Creation Kit at http://www.truecouragecoaching.com