If you are searching for a new and exciting company to make money with, it is time to examine the Chloe and Isabel opportunity. Chloe and Isabel offers motivated women a financial opportunity that is not only flexible, but also fun. This company allows people to have their own fashion jewelry business that they can run in-person and online. The mission of Chloe and Isabel is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail.

The History

CEO and founder, Chantel Waterbury, worked in direct sales to pay her way through college. She was successful in using direct sales to make money and gain confidence, but she knew it lacked a connectedness to a community of women and the ability to build her resume further; two key ingredients she has added to the Chloe and Isabel opportunity. She boasts that Chloe and Isabel is truly the company of the merchandisers, not hers. She encourages women to find their creative and professional voices to grow and be successful in their own business.

The Merchandise

All of the jewelry from Chloe and Isabel is hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead safe. It comes with a lifetime replacement and a 30-day money back guarantee on each piece of jewelry. Their pieces start at just $24 and go up to around $200. They offer a variety of fashion jewelry, giving sales consultants to ability to market to different populations and budgets.

Pay and Perks

Those who market and sell Chloe and Isabel jewelry are called merchandisers. The merchandisers have access to the corporate digital office. They use the digital office to connect and communicate with customers and other merchandisers, to create jewelry designs. Chloe and Isabel merchandisers make 30 percent on all of their personal sales and have the potential to earn unlimited free and discounted jewelry. They can also shop the collection at 30 to 50 percent off. In addition to these great perks, they can create their own personalized online jewelry boutique for customers to utilize.

Benefits of Being a Merchandiser

Aside from commissions and other great perks offered by this direct sales company, there are added benefits. Merchandisers have freedom to set their own schedules. They can work around other jobs, going to school, or even their own kid's schedules. They also do not have to carry inventory and the hassle of packing and shipping items to customers, as all orders are creatively gift-packaged and sent directly to their customers.

The Downside

Although many women have been highly successful merchandisers for this company, others haven't been so lucky. As with most direct sales, you must have a knack for networking in order to see success. You have to know the right people and have an out-going, sales-oriented personality. If you don't have the right network, getting started. and keeping the momentum going can be difficult.

You're Paid on Results

Overall, the Chloe and Isabel opportunity is just as good as other direct sales companies, if not slightly better. With unique jewelry pieces that appeal to more than one population of women and decent pay and perks, it is worth the investment. Its emphasis on the website and social media put Chloe and Isabel a step ahead of some other direct sales jewelry companies. If you are prepared to learn some new skills and work hard and smart then with the "Chloe and Isabel opportunity" you have the potential to create a successful and enjoyable home business.

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