Korean language, as we all know, has become so popular around the world in spite of English, Chinese and Spanish. Why is it so important for you to learn this language? Korean's economy is booming today, expecially in electronics and TV series on love. I suppose you can meet Samsung eletronical products all over the world and you can also watch all kinds of TV series on love everywhere too. Thus they prove that learning Korean is so important that you cannot ignore. But in fact there are other important things waiting for you to discover too. But first let's see how to learn this language.

Treat this language seriously. God! How couldn't one learn Korean if he didn't treat it seriously? Don't be surprised! Treating this language seriously means that you should take some formal methods to learn this language. For example, you can attend a Korean learning class. I suppose you have been doing this for so many years at school. Attending a Korean class asks you to have a Korean leaning book and follow your teacher to learn nearly everything he knows on the Korean language. You join the class regularly, once or twise a week, or even more. And your teacher must tell the basic things of Korean like Korean letters and pronunciation and can correct your tiny mistakes any time he meets you. Certainly the teacher will teach you how to make up complete sentences in the future too. The only problem is you should schedule your time and you have to keep serious in the class all the time. In fact, you can alternatively choose a qualified tutor to learn this language. A tutor is freer than you learn Koreab in a class. You can ask questions whenever you meet them without worrying too much about others' rections when you are in the class. You tutor can solve your problem as quickly as you wish. But it is still a regular lesson. Apart from the two serious ways, you can choose Rosetta Stone Korean too. This time you can schedule your time of learning Korean. It's up to you whether you want to learn this language freely or seriously. You can take Rosetta Stone Korean anywhere you think possible and learn with it anytime you want.

Keep learning new words. You see learning a new language needs new vocabulary. Even you need to gain new words while speaking your native language to catch up with others who often use the up-to-date expressions. For instance, one hundred years ago people didn't know the computer, people had no the vocabulary on the compter. But today you will be out of date a long distance if you don't know "upload" and "download" which are often used in compter operation. It is the same as you learn Korean. Vocabulary always changes, you should follow the fashion and keep pace with the time rather than keep you old style. If you cannot obsord new words in Korean, you may often make jokes on yourself when others speak with you. Certainly learning new Korean vocabulary is good for you to learn more things about Korean, which can help you have words with more and more people.

Finally you should read some books and keep in touch with Korean people to learn Korean culture, which will help you a lot when you learn Korean further.

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