Orchitis is a common disease in men. Clinically, it is mainly divided into acute suppurative orchitis and parotitis orchitis, of which acute suppurative orchitis is more common. There are many factors that cause orchitis, such as infection, trauma, tumor, etc.

It is difficult to have bacterial infection in the testis itself, because there is abundant blood and lymph supply near the testis, and the resistance to bacterial infection is strong. So bacterial orchitis is mostly caused by inflammation of the nearby epididymis. Once the following symptoms are found, seek medical advice in time to avoid aggravation of the condition.

These abnormalities in the body should be wary of orchitis

1. High fever, chills

When the testicle is affected by bacteria and bacteria, local inflammation occurs. When the body suffers from inflammation, it usually causes abnormalities in the temperature regulation center, and the patient may be accompanied by persistent high fever symptoms. After the onset of the disease, the patient will feel cool all over, but the temperature has been rising. This situation is like a cold, but the patient is also accompanied by radiation pain in the lower abdomen.

2. Testicular pain

After suffering from orchitis, the obvious symptom is testicular pain, accompanied by radioactive pain in the scrotum, thigh root and groin area. The testis of patients with orchitis looks very swollen and feels severe tenderness. After examination, a large amount of purulent substances will be found in the testis.

3. Red and swollen scrotum skin

Redness and swelling of scrotal skin is also an obvious symptom of orchitis, which is related to viral infection. It often accompanied by hydrocele in the scrotum. Therefore, men should also pay attention to scrotal skin redness and swelling in daily life.

4. Lymph node enlargement

Orchitis can cause lymph node enlargement. Lymphocytes play an immune function when the body has an inflammatory reaction. At this time, lymph nodes are prone to swelling. If there are abnormal testicular symptoms, such as swelling and tenderness, give medical attention to it and see a doctor in time.

The testicle is the organ that makes sperm, which is of great importance. So if men find some symptoms, they should seek active treatment as soon as possible.

In clinical treatment of orchitis, men should first treat it according to the etiology. The common orchitis is bacterial orchitis. For the orchitis with bacterial infection, carry out a local hot compress first to hold up the scrotum, and it is best to have a rest. If edema is obvious, men can undertake magnesium sulfate wet compress, which is advantageous to the edema subsided.

At the same time, they can take antibiotics orally, and some broad-spectrum antibiotics include penicillin and cephalosporins, etc. For viral orchitis, men should carry on some interferon treatment. If some local abscess forms, incision and drainage are also required.

If acute orchitis can not get thorough treatment, it can transform into chronic orchitis. At this time, patients should receive timely physical therapy to prevent excessive testicular damage, which may lead to obstacles in the process of spermatogenesis and even infertility.

For the chronic orchitis, the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can well eliminate various discomfort symptoms, and does not bring any adverse effect to the body. At the same time, men also should pay attention to some matters in life.
What should patients with orchitis notice?

Orchitis damage: the testis is the organ that produces sperm, and its main function is to secrete androgen, produce sperm. So if the testicles become inflamed, it may affect sperm quality. Especially the testicular inflammation caused by viral infection will have a greater impact on male testicular spermatogenesis. If it is orchitis caused by mumps virus infection and the patient is not treated in time, it may also lead to testicular atrophy, decline in spermatogenic function, and even cause spermatogenic dysfunction, leading to male infertility.

Life precautions: In the daily life, the patient should avoid too frequent sexual life, and sitting for a long time. After sitting for a certain time, the patient should do certain activities to reduce the congestion degree of testicles and other sexual organs.

Dietary caution: Patients know that orchitis is a form of inflammation. Therefore, they should avoid being stimulated by raw, cold and spicy food, which will affect their health.

Living habits attention: orchitis is usually secondary to epididymitis, and epididymitis is secondary to prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis. Reproductive infectious diseases will induce orchitis basically. So you should quit smoking and drinking in daily life at ordinary times, so as to avoid the stimulation of alcohol and tobacco to the patient's orchitis symptoms further have greater stimulation, resulting in health damage to the patient.

At the same time, men need to maintain the prostate and other parts to prevent the emergence of reproductive infectious diseases. A healthy diet and regular lifestyle, regular exercise, quit smoking and drinking, and a healthy diet can effectively prevent orchitis.

Patients should pay enough attention to the disease. After the disease appears, they should seek medical treatment in time. Only by effective treatment can the patient's health be better recovered.

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