My husband has a little plaque in his office, a gift from his father, with the words, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win!” We have all heard it. In fact, years ago that saying was uncontested, considered true as the gospel.

Well, times change, and our understanding of how we can best succeed evolves constantly. Currently, one of the most important shifts is a newfound understanding and appreciation of the word “quit”.

No longer are these four letters taboo in the realm of success, particularly when it comes to building your platform as an expert, host, speaker, teacher or coach… now, quitting is absolutely necessary.

All of us, in one way or another talk to ourselves; our inner voice speaks in the background of every situation and conversation. Our inner voice can be very fond of critiquing, sometimes harshly, each of our decisions. That’s when I call that voice the “Negator.”

What is necessary is to quit listening to it! We all have a Negator. His job, at one point might have been to keep us “safe.” By telling us that we cannot accomplish something, (that we are not worthy, talented or smart enough, whatever it might be), he was keeping us from being hurt. His mantra might be “better safe than sorry.”

Once we understand the job of the Negator, it can be a lot easier to say, “Thank you, but I am ok, now let’s get on with it!” And then quit feeding him!

Take away all of the language that gives the Negator strength: this means words like, “could,” “would,” “but,” “hope to,” ”can’t,” “not enough…” and “I wish.”

Feed your consciousness instead by speaking words like, “will,” “when,” “can,” “shall,” and “yes!”

Our language is so very powerful, and our inner conversations create our beliefs and therefore our actions.

If you are preparing to be a presenter, coach, trainer or media star, or even a performer, the action steps that you take are directly fueled by your inner sense of self, and by replacing all negative phrases with positive ones. Always. Not just at the time of day when you say your affirmations but become aware of every time that you push yourself away from your goals by using words that do not fuel your forward movement.

If you find this task too challenging, a coach can help. I work directly with my clients’ beliefs and strategic visioning before we even get into logistics of on-camera work. When I know that they can clearly see themselves living in their gifts, reaching their goals, then I know that we can work at an incredible pace to bring those beliefs into reality.

Don’t waste another moment feeding your Negator. You have a purpose that is much bigger than he can see!

Author's Bio: 

As founder and owner of “Charisma on Camera” Media Training Studio and On-Camera Consulting, Sandra Dee Robinson helps professionals from all walks of life unleash their “on-camera charisma” by showing them how to authentically share their unique message which can lead to increased recognition and income. Sandra’s expertise has benefited authors, life coaches, politicians, actors, and business professionals in many areas such as preparing for media opportunities, selling products on QVC or prepping for a DVD product shoot. Sandra Dee Robinson is a also TV host, product spokesperson and an actor who has appeared in major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and guest starred on Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, Secret Life of an American Teenager, and TV movies.