Computers have altered present-day life, transforming into a significant piece of work as well as relaxing. Considering the numerous jobs that computers play, the study of computers has likewise shifted, and employments are accessible in multiple fields.

On the off chance that you are keen on working in one of the numerous fields of computers, you may have known about the three most mainstream courses related to it BCA, B. Tech Computer Science (CS), and B. Sc Computer Science.

As each of the three courses is computer-based, it might get bewildering on the best way to classify among them and how to distinguish which is most appropriate to you. No need to worry, regardless of BCA, B. Sc Computer Science and B. Tech CS having main domain as computers, there is a lot of variety between them. These distinctions become evident in their course structure, admission process, and career opportunities which the course provider.
The following read will help you differentiate between them all.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

What is BCA - BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree course which focuses on the applications of computers. As the focus is frequently on the various computer applications, learning the technicalities and hardware functioning is not essential. Topics taught under the degree include multimedia systems, web-based applications and basics of computer programming.

Subjects required for admission - In order to attain admission in BCA, all you need is to pass class 12th with considerable marks with any stream or board.

Course Curriculum - The subjects involved in BCA such as Digital Computer Fundamentals, Interpersonal Communication, Financial Management and Mobile Applications, etc. BCA course structure of the program concentrates on applications of computers.

Career opportunities after BCA - Considering the broad applicability of computers across industries, there are extensive career opportunities for BCA aspirants, whether you want to work in a government job, private-sector employment or self-employment. You would fit for job profiles such as - web designer, technical associate, network designer, game developer, system analyst, programmer, system manager, and IT technical support developer.

Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science (B. Sc CS)

What is B. Sc (CS) - B. Sc Computer Science is a 3-year undergraduate degree, concentrating on the computer as a domain. The course focuses on the basic concepts in the realm of computer science and technological implementations of computers, providing you with a solid academic base in the field of computer science.

Subjects required for admission - In order to get admission in the B. Sc Computer Science (B. Sc CS) course, you must have passed from the science stream in Class 12, with PCM stream.

Course Curriculum - Topics involved in B. Sc Computer Science (B. Sc - CS) include disk operating systems, programming concepts, and control structures overall the course curriculum focuses on the concepts and the techniques of the computers.

Career opportunities after B. Sc (CS) - The vital structural concepts of B. Sc Computer Science will make you prepared for a varied of roles across industries, and also assist you in surmising new technologies when the need emerges. The various job profiles on which the students can work after the completion of the B. Tech (CS) degrees are IT project manager, program analyst, DTP operator, software engineer, developer and programmer, etc.

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science (B. Tech CS)

What is B. Tech CS - B. Tech CS is a four-year undergraduate course, which deals with a degree in the field of engineering with a specialization in computers. In B. Tech CS, you would study computers in-depth, including their hardware, concepts, software and applications. The B. Tech CS course was one of the firsts programs in the field of computer science to be offered in India and had enormous prestige.

There are some basic difference that keep in your mind while selecting a professional course
to pursue the higher education.

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