Don't neglect the little corner of your home that your guests will surely see!

Yes it's a restroom and yes it may be small but your guest will really take a notice while they're in there. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've gone into a home and didn't form any type of opinion about the decor until I visited the powder room. Sometimes I've gone into them and thought "wow" this is beautiful and they've put a lot of thought into this space. I came out feeling not only relieved but also that the house overall seemed well put together and nice. The hosts seemed suddenly more caring and esteemed in my eyes. Other times I've gone into someone's powder room and was afraid to touch anything as if I were in a public facility restroom instead of a home.

A powder room is, in general, the restroom you provide for your guest and the manner in which it is decorated says a lot about you, your sense of taste and how much you care about the comfort of your guests. It's such a small space and so easy and inexpensive to spruce up, so why wouldn't you? Below are some very simple steps to add some "WOW" to your powder room.

1 - Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops

Natural stone bathroom countertops are incredibly beautiful. But in addition to being beautiful, they are durable and will last forever if properly maintained. There are so many natural stone options for bathroom vanities such as marble, granite and granite tile. Natural stone bathroom countertops will instantly add elegance and refinement to your powder room. For a smaller one, I recommend a 24 inch bathroom vanities.

2 - Wall Color

Sometimes people are afraid to go bold with the wall color. In a small space such as a powder room, go bold! Deep rich color will add a lot of drama and interest to this space. Paint is relatively inexpensive and you will be happily amazed at the outcome.

I suggest staying within the color palette of the rest of your home. But shades of red, cocoa, charcoal gray, aubergine and olive green never fail to please in a powder room.

3 - Add a Great Mirror

It's called the powder room because a lady will go there to powder her nose and freshen her makeup among other things. Therefore a nice mirror is mandatory. A lot of pizzazz can be promptly attained with a decorative mirror. The mirror in a bathroom is like a fireplace in any other room. It becomes an instant focal point that the eyes are drawn to. Make an impact by getting a mirror in an interesting shape with a beautiful surround or frame. Mirrors can be fun to shop for and they are available in any size and style imaginable.

4 - Good Lighting

Good lighting in a powder room really sets the stage for sophistication. A beautiful light fixture such as a mini-chandelier is divine. Small lamps, wall sconces and candles are also very refined and give the type of lighting that most people prefer to see themselves in when they look into a mirror. Stay away from fluorescent lights in the powder room at all costs.

5 - Natural Stone Floor

Just as nothing can compare to natural stone for your bathroom countertop, it is also the best choice for the powder room floor. Natural stone is hypoallergenic, easier to clean and maintain and won't harbor odors like wood and carpet. Today you can get natural stone flooring in any color and design you like. Granite tile is very popular because of its strength and sheen.

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I’m Nancy, a homesteader, I love everything that has to do with simple living. This is my personal blog sharing everything about homesteading, DIY tips and very clear tutorial for everyone who loves improving their house.