Working through an end of tenancy cleaning service is never particularly easy, but it definitely is worth it at the end. To find out what needs to be done, check out this guide:


First, you will need to get al shelves and cupboards emptied. Al crumbs and deposits should be taken out, and you should wipe everything thoroughly with a cloth. Try as much as you can to get all appliances cleaned, and wash the floors under them.

Kitchen Sink is the most used item and if you have hard water problems then there might be yellow stains on sink or buildup on faucet. So, you have to clean it with a good soap cleaner.

When cleaning the appliances, you will want to ensure that their backs are clean as well. The fridge is very important, so when you clean it, switch it off at the mains and leave the door open for any residual water to get dry.

Make sure that you pull out all fridge shelves, racks, and cabinets. All appliances that have similar features should be treated similarly as well.

Hob and oven

You sure won’t like having to clean someone else’s oven when you just move into a new home. One of the reasons why you should have your oven cleaned is that if you don’t get that done, you risk contamination from dust, grease, grime, and burnt deposits of food.

So, make sure that you clean the oven as part of this procedure. The same goes for hobs, burners, baking trays, racks, and others.

Living room

The living room isn’t so difficult. However the problem is that depending on what is in it, the task of cleaning the living room could be very time consuming.

However, the basics will involve making sure that all cupboards and cabinets are buffed, and go through the coffee table as well. If your living room has extensive decorations, then get those buffed as well.


Everything in your bathroom should be scrubbed. This includes the sink, tiles, toilet, bath, and every other component.

Also, make sure that plug holes and drains are emptied and cleared of any debris, so that water runs easily. Take out residual soap, mould, and limescale from al metallic surfaces, and ensure that the drain is unclogged.

Also take out the shower head and put it in vinegar overnight. It will be cleared and fully functional the next day.


The walls are rather important. Check them very well for any dirty marks or scuffs. If you can’t paint the stains off, then you might need to get some paint or emulsion of the same color and just paint over those spots. As a matter of fact, you will find that this painting is much more preferable if the marks are a lot.

If you hanged any decorations or pictures on the walls, you most likely punched a lot of holes as well. You don’t want anyone finding these, so make sure that you get those holes fixed as well. It is also important to clean up any mould and speak to your landlord if there is any problem that needs to be addressed.


Clean the windows, but make sure it is done from the inside. If you can’t get to the outer part, then call a window cleaner. You can always rely on vinegar or alcohol to help you clean the glass on windows, and if you have any cracked panels, try to get them replaced.

Windows are very important, and they tell a lot about the general hygiene of the home. So, make them as clean and clear as possible.


It is important that you vacuum your furniture and use a dry wash solution on it as well. You need your upholstery looking clean, and without any color, smell, or hair.

As for the wooden upholstery, check out any scruff marks, dings, and scratches. Try some coffee grounds or almonds and rub the off on these. You can also use some lemon oil and wood finish to get a great finish.

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