For your gynecologic needs, you need a trusted practitioner that is qualified and motivated towards ensuring that your health is in great condition. In Louisiana, Patricia Nevils, MD is one of the most popular Lafayette Icon specialists qualified to handle a wide range of health conditions at Vibrant Woman Health Center.

Read on to learn more about Vibrant Woman Health Center and services that are offered.

About Dr. Nevils

Patricia Nevils, MD, is a trusted OB/GYN at Vibrant Women Health Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. She uses her long-standing experience to facilitate the management of conditions and preventive care. Dr. Nevils is interested in helping women navigate optimal hormonal balance and menopause through the healthy aging process.

At the center, you can monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, weight management, screening of bone density, birth control, and well-woman visits. Dr. Nevil uses her training from a BiOTE® hormone pellet specialist to offer bioidentical hormones that are aimed at easing your menopause and aging symptoms.

Dr. Nevils is a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. She later joined the LSU School of Medicine and graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering, completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology in New Orleans at Charity Hospital, and proceeded to practice for over two decades in Lafayette, Louisiana.
After a brief move to Houston, Dr. Nevils made a return to Cajun Country and Lafayette. She is currently involved in helping women to make informed decisions for a healthy life.

Why Should I Visit Vibrant Woman Health Center?
· Vibrant Woman Health Center has a mission of providing customized, preventive healthcare, and advanced disease management.

· Dr. Nevils uses her experience of more than thirty-seven years and training to help maintain your health and prevent diseases that may affect the quality of your life.

· The center is dedicated to providing quality medical care for all patients in an informative, collaborative, relaxed, and welcoming environment for all patients.

Available Services at Vibrant Woman health Center

· Contraception- Dr. Nevils ensures that all women have immediate access to birth controls based on individual differences and personal decisions.

· Sexual dysfunction- Patricia Nevils, MD, and her team help women that are suffering from low levels of libido and difficulty in achieving orgasm.

· Hormone therapy replacement- OB/GYN Patricia Nevils, MD, uses HRT to ease menopausal symptoms while preventing diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis. BiOTE® hormone pellet therapy is used to induce the natural replacement of hormones.

· Nutrition- you need the help of a nutritional expert to ensure that you are in perfect shape. Dr. Nevils provides nutritional guidance to women before and after menopause.

· Preventive Health Screenings- Prevention is very helpful in the fight against different conditions affecting the reproductive system from initial stages. The center uses advanced equipment and techniques to identify diseases from an early stage.

· TempSure Envi- Dr. Nevils and her team use TempSure Envi to look younger and firmer. The results manifest within a period of six to twelve months.

· Well-Woman Care- All women are expected to start well-woman exams from the tender age of thirteen. Dr. Nevils uses a personalized care plan to take care of individual needs.

· ELITE + Laser- Through this highly customized procedure, you can remove unwanted hair, reduce the appearance of veins, aging spots, and signs of aging.

· O-Shot®- This non-surgical procedure helps to treat urinary leaks while improving your sex life. O-Shot is best for women that are on or off hormone replacement.

· SculpSure- SculpSure is an effective method targeting regions with fat deposits that you may not lose using diet and exercise only.

What is the Location of the Vibrant Woman Health Center?
105 Independence Blvd, Suite 2, Lafayette, LA 70506
Opening Hours of Vibrant Woman Health Center
Monday- Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Weekends: Closed

Vibrant Woman Health Center offers quality care for all patients while ensuring that you get tools needed for the maintenance of your health. You can call the center at 925-257-4884 or fax 337-504-4266 or book an appointment online.

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