Bad hair transplants mean the hair restoration surgery did not turn out so well and resulted in epic transplant failure. A hair transplant failure is very rare when the doctor and patient have discussed pre-surgery care and post-surgery precautionary measures. It is important to choose a well trained and professional doctor who must have knowledge of modern equipment and how to handle them. The selection of well-reputed clinics also plays a significant role in the success rate. Bad hair transplants give patchy and plugged hair look. It can also leave scars at the recipient site or donor site and maybe the hairline is too forward.
Sometimes, unfortunately, because of some internal and external reasons hair transplant can result in failure. A bad hair transplant can result in a number of undesirable results like noticeable implant clusters and unnatural hairline but it can be treated. The hair transplant treatment is an expensive surgery and when it fails, the patient becomes depressed and angry and loses confidence. Before starting the treatment it is mandatory to calm the patient and discuss with him about the treatment and tell him what he should expect after fixation. It is important to regain patients' trust and confidence. These can be treated with the strategy of removal with re-implantation of the grafts and camouflage. The preexisting grafts are used to give a denser and natural look. The primary meaning of camouflage is to restore the cosmetic appearance of poorly transplanted hairs.
Bad hair transplants result in undesirable looks like the patchy look. When the transplanted hair grafts are too large, they may grow in the form of patches and give quite an unnatural look. When the hairs are being transplanted the density should not exceed the limit of 50%. The reason is that human hairs have 100% visual redundancy and hair fall is only noticeable when it is less than 50%. So, there is no means to restore more than 50% of hairs. Before starting the treatment, the surgeon draws a sketch of the hairline. When the carelessly draws or does not draws the hairline, it may become disoriented and may come too far forward and too broad. Here is the reason, why patients should carefully choose a doctor. Hair transplant surgery also fails when the hairs are transplanted in the wrong direction and at the wrong angle. When the hairs are transplanted in the unrealistic and wrong area, it also gives a fake look. Because of large incisions, scars can also become visible at the recipient site and the donor site. Rubbing and scratching can result in hair wastage and infection.
The primary factor that results in hair transplant failure is an inexperienced doctor. It is sensitive surgery that requires highly professional doctors that can perform by considering hair density, angle, direction, and availability of donor hairs. A patient is also suggested to choose a well-reputed clinic in order to get a hygienic environment and modern equipment. The bad hair transplants can also result in post-surgery infection. In order to get the best results, patients should try to follow all guidelines given by the doctor and should follow precautionary measures like avoiding frequent washing, extensive exercises, rubbing, scratching, and all like that. If a patient will set high expectation will also be unsatisfied with the results. So, the patient should be more realistic.
Bad hair transplants are not the intention of the doctor and the patient. It results because of carelessness. The old method of hair transplantation was involved using large grafts that result in a plugged look, but now a day modern techniques have introduced. With these techniques and with the help of professional doctors, a natural look can be restored without infection or any complication. If you are thinking to get a hair transplant in Pakistan then you can click and read more information about it

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