Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
Bachelor of Computer Application abbreviated as BCA is an undergraduate course which deals with the primary application of the software or the applications.

The three-year undergraduate course deals with the underlying practical technologies and applications related to the computers which one performs within their daily lives. In short, BCA can be summed up as the underlying study for the existing and developing concepts in the field of technology and their applications. The course contributes to sound practical skills addressing problems which arise from computer systems and designing applications. The BCA curriculum focuses on operating systems, software engineering, computer architecture, web technology, database management systems, and languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, etc.

BCA a good option for study
Are you in search of the reasons in order to pursue a bachelors degree? Here are a few reasons which can convince you to opt for the Bachelors of Business Administration as your higher study option.

If computers and their various applications and functioning fascinate you, then BCA is the course which will definitely help you get in-depth knowledge about them as the course solely deals with the IT-related topics and subjects.

The course is somehow similar, but it is at part with the B.Tech course curriculum, and thus you can easily get an equivalent degree within the duration of three years which is far less than the B.Tech duration which is of 4 Years.

IT industries are one of the most booming industries in today's day and age and with the growing digitalization trend or say the need, the need is becoming even more lucrative and BCA degree provides one with the opportunity to grab a job opportunity in the same.

In this technology-driven world, the scope of computer application will only rise, and thus it's a smart idea to build a future in the field as firstly it will be safe, and secondly, the field has huge possibilities of career growth.

Career prospects in BCA
BCA graduates have good scope in govt and private jobs as a System Engineer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Network Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Software Tester, etc. Most of job profile is depending on the skills you acquire during your BCA course. Various companies, organizations, and MNCs offer the above-mentioned jobs to BCA candidates.

Masters of Computer Application (MCA)
MCA is a three-year postgraduate course which deals with the topics related to the underlying technical technologies and applications related to the computers which one performs within their daily lives. If broken apart then MCA comprises contents from the four basic areas, specifically, the mathematics behind computer science, software design and development, concepts in core computers and systems science, non-core computer courses. In this era of digitalization, when the IT sector is booming with leap and bounds, the program is a gateway for entry into one of the most lucrative and prominent sectors of the economy.

MCA is a three years degree course which deals with the understanding and development of applications thus it deals with an array of topics related to the high-level programming languages and tools to develop more reliable and more durable applications. It involves other imperative topics such as network and database management, mathematics, finance, statistics, accounting, electronics, algorithm design and optimization, and so on.

Various specialization under MCA
MCA being a broad degree program also provides specialization which one can select as per their interest and needs. These specializations are generally provided in the last (3rd) year of the program.

Various MCA Specializations include-

Software/ System Development

Hardware Technology


Internet Working


Application Software

Management Information System

Career Prospects in MCA
The Information Technology (IT) sector is booming, and thus the demand for computer science engineers has increased more than ever. After the completion of the program, one can work in various public and private industries such as Banking Sector, Networking Companies, Stock Exchanges, Web Development Companies etc. An MCA course aspirant can work on a plethora of profiles such as:

Data Analyst

Cyber Security

Software Consultant

Software Engineer

Web Developer/ Designer

Testing Engineer

System Analyst

Technical Support Engineer

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I'm assistant professor and career councellor at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.