Chronic kidney disease is a slow and constant loss of kidney functions that takes place over time. It is a kidney disorder that needs early detection to stop it from progressing to the advanced level as the advance level of chronic kidney disease cause kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is the most effective solution to cure this health disorder permanently.

Chronic kidney disease is a gradual loss of functionality of the kidneys that takes place over time. It is a progressive kidney disorder that becomes more severe with the time and when the condition reaches its final stage, the kidneys become completely incapable of carrying out their functions; in medical terms the condition known as end-stage-renal-failure or kidney failure. Kidney failure is a life-threatening condition, for the same, allopathic treatment recommends dialysis or organ transplant. Both the treatment procedures are very complex in processing and are found to be expensive. So, it’s better to detect this disease at its early stage and find for the best treatment option to cure the condition. Chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is the most promising solution for this serious kidney disorders.

So, we can say is a kind of kidney disorder that needs immediate detection and Ayurvedic treatment that can help you to stop this disease from developing further as well as curing them permanently. In this post, we’ll discuss the symptoms, causes and chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda.

Complications of chronic kidney disease

As most of us are aware that kidneys are one of the most vital organs in our body that help in removing all the impurities from the blood and also maintain the balance of minerals, salts, phosphorus in the body. Besides, kidneys make some hormones that produce red blood cells, make bones strong and healthy.

In the later stages of chronic kidney disease, the kidneys become completely incapable of carrying out these above-mentioned functions; as a result, several health complications may appear in this condition.

Symptoms of advanced chronic kidney disease

In the condition of chronic kidney disease, symptoms will not appear in the starting stages. You will get to notice the symptoms only in the advanced stages of chronic kidney disease. The signs that appear during advanced stages of chronic kidney diseases are as follow:

• Nausea
• Feeling tired
• Swelling in hands, legs or ankles
• Headache
• Loss of appetite
• Muscle cramping
• Breath shortness
• Sleeping problems
• Trouble in concentrating
• Vomiting

These symptoms appear due to the accumulation of impurities, fluid retention that occur due to non-functionality of the kidneys. The damaged kidneys are not able to filter wastes and impurities from the blood. The best way to eliminate these symptoms is to cure the condition causing these symptoms to appear.

How chronic kidney disease can be categorized?

The condition of chronic kidney disease can be categorized into five stages on the basis of their glomerular filtration rate (GFR) which denotes the working capability of the kidneys.

Stage 1- In this stage, the eGFR is normal that is greater than or equal to 90 mL/min.
Stage 2- In stage 2, comes a slight decrease in eGFR and it goes down between 60-89 mL/min.
Stage 3a- In this stage, the glomerular filtration rate drops a little down between 45-59 mL/min.
Stage 3b- In this stage, a moderate-severe decrease in eGFR between 30-44 mL/min.
Stage 4- A severe decrease in eGFR (15-29 mL/min) is noticed in this condition.
Stage 5- In this stage, the eGFR decreases to less than 15 mL/min and indicates kidneys have damaged severely.

To determine at which stage of chronic kidney disease, you need to take an eGFR test, Urine test, kidney biopsy, etc. These tests also help you in detecting if you have any other kidney disease.

What are the risk factors for CKD?

In general, any person can get CKD but some people are likely to get more who have any of the below condition:

Diabetes- It is the most common health condition that causes people to get chronic kidney disease. In this health condition, the blood sugar level increases and if it persists for a long period, it may cause any kidney disorder.
High blood pressure- After diabetes, it is the second most common factor that increases the risk of high blood pressure. In this condition, the blood vessels get broad due to the increased pressure of blood in them. When the condition lasts for a long time, it may damage the kidneys.
Heart disease- It is another factor that can increase your risk of getting CKD as the functions of the kidneys and heart are interconnected with each other.
Family history of kidney failure- Some people may also get CKD from any of their blood relatives as gene mutation.

These factors can also be considered as the causes of chronic kidney disease. Besides, many other factors are responsible for causing chronic kidney disease.

How chronic kidney disease in Ayurveda is beneficial than others?

For understanding the effectiveness of Ayurveda, you’ll have to understand Allopathy. Allopathy is a modern treatment process that utilizes medications and surgeries to cure a health disorder. Allopathy works on the symptoms of a disease instead of root causes; as a result, a patient can get the symptoms of the disease back even after completing the treatment. Hence, you can say, it is not a permanent treatment because it doesn’t cure a health disorder of its root causes. Besides, Allopathic medications are a combination of some drugs and chemicals that can put many adverse effects on your health.

On the other, when it comes to Ayurvedic treatment, let us tell you, it is the most ancient science of life that teaches you to live a healthy life by following a healthy diet, exercises, and lifestyle. Ayurveda also provides you with Ayurvedic medications whenever you get any health disorder. Ayurveda works on the core causes of a disease in order to cure it permanently. Ayurveda makes use of natural herbs for the formation of Ayurvedic medications that’s why; they are highly effective in curing several health disorders. Apart from Ayurvedic medications, Ayurveda uses the natural treatment process and offers you a surgery-free and permanent treatment for all sorts of health disorders. Being made of natural and unrefined herbs, Ayurvedic medications do not leave any after use effect on your health. That’s the reason, Ayurvedic treatment is very effective than any other medicinal system. Ayurveda treatment best for chronic kidney disease and it will help you not only to get rid of this kidney disorder but also will rejuvenate the health of your kidneys.

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