Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system that based on the holistic medicine. This system of kerala ayurveda firstly originated from the Asian boundaries that specifically started from India. In earlier days of ancient time when these new medical systems of allopathic and homeopathy were not introduced to the world; this system of ayurveda massage was being followed to cure all types severe diseases. Ayurveda treatment is basically includes three dosa potency system, which forms the basis for the promotion of health, disease management and pharmaceutical as well. There are 3 dosa that comprises the complete ayurveda treatment including vata, pitha and kapha; vata dominated the total movements within the body, mind and nervous system functioning. The pitha dosa is to determine the body temperature, metabolism, hormonal system, while the resistance of the body is being control by kapha dosa.

Among the various techniques of body massage; the Abhyanga is one of the most famous ayurvedic massages. That used to come over with deep relaxation, improves skin texture, quality and elasticity, improve the functioning of internal organs, digestion and excretion supports the circulation of the skin and internal organizations vitality, detoxification, improve your joints, spine flexibility, rejuvenating effect on the entire body, strengthens the immune system, eliminate joint problems, back and lower back pain, strengthens muscles and improves joint flexibility. Recommended the muscle tone, improve joint problems, back, lower back pain treatment, physical and mental functioning, reduce the effects of stress, improve circulation, harmonize vata and the detoxification of the body that further reduces the effects of stress, soothing, relaxing treatment.

Relaxation massage is soothing oil out, relaxing form of massage. It reduces fatigue, relieves tension, soothing, relaxing and preventive effect. Excellent relaxation facilitates the relaxes tense muscles and calms the nervous system that causes the body to slow down the rhythm. This leads to reduced blood pressure, slow heart rate, deeper and more regular is the breath and thus is created a relaxing massage conditions. These types of massages are generally recommended for those who are physically, mentally overwhelmed and relax, recharge want.

In contrast to western massage techniques, Thai massage is not the primary muscles worked on goal, but the activation energies of the body with rhythmic acupressure pressure along the body's energy lines. If a man unimpeded the flow of life energy in the meridians that binge the enjoyment of life, emotional stress, weakness, or the injury disrupts this process. Long-term disruption of the flow of energy can be caused by various diseases. The energy released by the blocks of the body is restored harmony, healing power is activated, thereby strengthening the immune system, get rid of the tension, ease, feel relieved. The ayurveda massage is not only working with your hands, use of forearms, elbows, knees, and even the legs. A massage done on earth, as therapist and patient must be at the same level. Thai massage is more than massage simply a combination of acupressure, yoga, reflexology elements. Loosening the joints, stretches the muscles, stimulates various organs, rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and breath alike.

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