Seminal vesiculitis is a more troublesome disease. It is often accompanied by pain, which seriously affects men's life and work. It is also one of the leading causes of male infertility, and men should pay attention to it.

There are many causes of seminal vesiculitis in men. Men should understand the causes of seminal vesiculitis to prevent seminal vesiculitis.

Factor 1: ignore the control of sex. If men always have the habit of excessive sexual life or masturbation, it will lead to extreme kidney injury, kidney Yin loss, etc., which may lead to seminal vesiculitis.

Factor 2: not paying attention to diet. If men always eat some spicy food, including smoking and drinking, it will lead to seminal vesiculitis. Usually, the diet should be as light as possible.

Factor 3: other diseases induce. In general, if men have prostatitis without timely treatment, after the aggravation of the illness, prostatitis will cause seminal vesiculitis.

Factor 4: internal obstruction caused by congestion. Some men may be injured because of trauma to the perineum, resulting in a congestion stop, or long term depression and bad mood may lead to seminal vesiculitis.

Factor 5: an ascending infection of the urethra may also cause it. There is also a case that the bacteria may pass through the male urethra orifice and infect the seminal vesicle through the urethra, leading to seminal vesiculitis.
Seminal vesiculitis generally will not heal itself. Even if it is healed, there will be a recurrence, so patients should pay attention to timely treatment.

Antibiotics are commonly used in the treatment of seminal vesiculitis. But because seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis will merge, so seminal vesiculitis treatment is more troublesome. At the same time, the course of treatment may be longer. People can choose herbal therapies, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to treat seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis together. It can eliminate the symptoms and cure the condition of its root causes.

Moreover, it can treat other reproductive system diseases, such as epididymitis and orchitis.

During the treatment of seminal vesiculitis, men should pay more attention to rest, drink more water, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, and give up the bad habits of drinking alcohol and smoking.

If seminal vesiculitis is not treated, it will bring unexpected harm to men.

Harm one: it can cause unbearable pain. One of the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis is lower abdominal pain and suprapubic pain. The pain of acute seminal vesiculitis is more prominent. The pain will seriously affect patients' life and work, and if not treated in time, the acute phase will turn into the chronic phase, which makes the treatment more difficult.

Harm two: it can cause male sexual dysfunction. Seminal vesiculitis generally leads to male complicated with prostatitis, and prostatitis will lead to the continuous decline of male sexual function. Once prolonged, it may lead to male impotence, premature ejaculation disease.

Harm three: it can cause urinary tract infection. The bacteria causing seminal vesiculitis may infect men's urinary tract through micturition or semen, causing some inflammation of the urinary system in men.

Harm four: it can cause male sterility. Seminal vesiculitis in patients with exceedingly terrible impact may be the number of this worse, and it will lead to male infertility. The seminal vesicle gland is the only organ secreting seminal vesicle fluid, and seminal vesicle fluid is an essential part of male semen. Once there is inflammation, it will naturally affect the vitality of male sperm, thus affecting male fertility.

The etiology of seminal vesiculitis is generally complicated. It may be caused by prostatitis, orchitis or epididymitis, or other diseases. Besides, seminal vesiculitis itself will have many complications. Therefore, it is necessary to check it first and achieve targeted treatment to avoid recurrence after treatment.

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