It is quite unfortunate that some people just do not know how to avoid sorrow and move forward in life. Can you ever imagine that saying sorry can douse the fire and impact of war no matter how hot, mend a broken relationship and also sustain a marriage between couple? But that is just the simple truth and the only simple and ordinary way to maintain peace and harmony in any community inhabited by human beings.

No perfect human being
If anyone nurses the idea that perfection can be seen in anyone on this side of the great terrestrial divide, the person must be leading a life of delusion or rather live in a Utopian society. If you expect that everyone with whom you relate on a day-to-day basis must be perfect, then you must be kidding yourself and will always be a victim of untoward disappointments because there is no way you too , as a human being, can be perfect.

Never expect perfection
Never expect your wife to be above board in all spheres of life while no woman also should expect a perfect husband and so it is with a Chief Executive of a company who feels that all his subordinates and employees must be perfect in all their transactions with the clients. Nothing as such has ever existed since the dawn of creation and will never be till the end of life in this planet. There is no way we all cannot make mistake at a point or another and only God the creator of the universe and everything in it alone is perfect.

Accept your mistakes:
It goes without saying that for us to live successfully and happily with our fellow human beings, it is quite imperative that we must accept our mistakes, say sorry from the bottom of our heart and then move on in order to avoid sorrow of life. It is in the same vein that you should not expect anyone that wrongs you to say sorry so that you too may avoid sorrow.

Never expect sorry:
It stands to reason that people we come across on our day-to-day activities may be wicked, inconsiderate and obstinately stubborn even when they know they are wrong in their actions to you, they will still behave as if they are on the right side and refuse to accept their mistakes. People like that are quite argumentative, explain away the points and justify the unjustifiable and that too to your chagrin and that is the main reason why you should not expect sorry from such persons this is because too much expectation from people whoever they may be always brings disappointment and sorrow. There is no way saying sorry can ever remove something from you but adds to your respect and dignity.

For you to move ahead and be happy in life whatever may be your situation, position or importance in your immediate or remote society do not expect people to say sorry for the wrongs done to you and if it comes, that is well and good. God, as we all know, is the ultimate judge and will always do something to vindicate your good intentions but remember too that one good turn always deserves another.

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Ade Adenekan, the Director of Pan-African Reconciliation Centre (PARC) and African Center for Peace Education and Training (ACPET) is a self-improvement enthusiast and blogger. If this piece is of appeal to you, get more at