In the beginning of marriage, life is like a bed of roses. Couples were happy and cannot be separated from each other but as times goes by, reality sinks in that living with another human soul under one roof and maintaining a marriage are not easy. Couple starts to see their differences leading to fights and arguments. When this is happening, is it really worth it to avoid divorce and stay married?

When problems and conflicts in a marriage are starting to take their toll, couples may get tired and may think that divorce is an easy way out. But before making a drastic decision, you should clear your mind first and do not get carried away with your emotions. Think about the consequences of divorce and its adverse effects to your life and to the lives of your children. If you will realize the importance of staying married you will save your marriage at all costs and will decide to avoid divorce and stay married.

The family is the basic unit of the society and marriage is important in the survival of most human beings. Men and women who are successfully married have more personal and social stability. Marriage provides satisfaction to both men and women when it comes to their emotional and physical needs. As we get older, it is important to have a lifelong partner than having a relationship without stability and commitment. Happily married people are more stable in their careers and in their personal lives.

Men may find it difficult to live alone after a divorce because he lost a long-time partner whom he can share his feelings and his thoughts. His career may also suffer as he lost the support of the person who used to be his partner. Life can be difficult seeing an empty home after work without a wife who used to prepare his meals and listen to him when he needs someone to listen and talk to.

Women may have to face emotional trauma and financial difficulties after a divorce. Without a man to provide and give her courage, life as a separated woman can be scary and difficult. Secured and stable status in the society is not that hard to achieve if a woman have the support of a husband.

Divorce could ruin the personal, emotional, social and economic stability of both men and women. Hence, it is best to avoid divorce and stay married at all costs. Besides, marriage is a lifelong relationship that needs to be saved in times of tough times. Conflicts and problems are normal in any relationship. Having a divorce does not guarantee that your next relationship will be better. If you cannot survive the difficulties in your marriage now and you choose to run away from it by having a divorce, how sure are you that this will not become a pattern each time you will encounter hardships in your relationship? If you've been married for quite sometime now, why not save your marriage at all costs, avoid divorce and stay married.

If you have children, breaking your marriage is not good for your children. In some countries, divorce is not recognized because it ruins not only the lives of men and women involved but also their children. Children who are a product of broken home may find themselves unstable and confused in most things they do and even in their relationships when they are old enough to have one. Divorce can leave a scar to the young minds of your children that they may carry until they become adults. The decision to avoid divorce and stay married at all costs will not only save your relationship but also your children.

Once you decide to avoid divorce and stay married, you have to find the exact reasons of the conflicts in your marriage. Sit down with your spouse and communicate properly to find the best solution to resolve the issues in your marriage. Every problem has a solution and you are not the only couple who are going through tough times. What is important is the willingness to save your marriage at all costs and you have the initiative to look at your mistakes and change your behavior.

You may need advice from your family, close friends or a marriage counselor. Saving a marriage needs commitment and patience. Although divorce is on the rise, it is not impossible to avoid divorce and stay married. Many couples survived the trials in their marriage because they choose to save their marriage at all costs.

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