There are several very popular TV shows these days that track the progress of people having ‘Makeovers’. A ‘makeover’ is an alteration of the way someone looks, usually involving changes in hair, make-up, and clothing. There’s even a program called “Extreme Makeover” that dramatically changes everything about how a person looks. The idea is, of course, that if a person changes enough about themselves, their life will change, too. And then they’ll be happy. It’s an idea that fascinates us, because most of us have tried the same thing. We keep hoping it will work.

People really do go to extremes on these shows; plastic surgery, personal trainers, nutrition and weight-loss programs, mega-shopping sprees, hair implants, laser treatments, botox, super-botox -- you name it. And at the end of the show they look amazing, and they seem to be happy. They ‘seem’ to be happy, but are they really?

Well, here’s the sad truth about this approach: it turns out your mother was right, beauty is only skin deep. And when all is said and done, and the makeover is complete, the parts of you that you’ve changed are not the parts that are keeping you from being happy. So despite the new wardrobe, new figure, new hair, new house, new boyfriend, if you weren’t happy before the makeover, you still won’t be happy after it.

Happiness or unhappiness is not affected by external remodeling. Going at life from this angle is like taking a termite-infested house, painting it inside and out, and expecting that since it now looks so good the inner structural damage has disappeared, too. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

But - don’t despair. There is an approach that will help you succeed at making the changes you want in your life. You just have to discover where the answer really lies, then address it at that level. It turns out the cause of your distress isn’t in the physical universe, it’s in your consciousness - your beliefs. And that’s where Avatar comes in, because finding and changing the beliefs that prevent you from experiencing what you want in life is exactly what the Avatar Course is all about. Avatar will teach you how to remodel your consciousness, and that’s when the magic begins!

You can take your first step right now by going to the website and getting Harry Palmer’s book ‘Living Deliberately’. As you read through it you’ll start to get a sense of how consciousness works, and how beliefs affect your life.

Harry says: “Beliefs can be very powerful. Beliefs have a greater effect on a person’s success, or failure, than any technique or opportunity. Beliefs determine how one will experience life. They can be assistive or they can be impeding.

Can people learn to manage their beliefs? And will managing their beliefs have any effect on their reality? The answer to both questions is a profound Yes!”

Next, contact an Avatar Master and arrange to attend an Avatar Introductory Event. As you participate in the Introduction, you’ll begin to experience a little more clarity on the beliefs you have, and whether they’re assistive or impeding in your life.

Finally, if you feel a resonance with the extraordinary possibilities that Avatar offers, get yourself into a 9-day Avatar course -- soon. Avatar will enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve in life.

Now that is Extreme!

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