MassMedia Group works in many industries, and automotive retail is no exception. We’re going to be talking about how we’ve helped create an innovative solution in this industry. One day, a client from Ukraine asked us to create a cool modern platform for selling cars. According to them, at that time, a monopoly of one particular service dominated the Ukrainian car retail market. At the same time, the attitude towards customers on their website left much to be desired, many useful functions were absent, and the platform itself was full of paid features, although services in other countries offered these functions to users without any fees. Our client set the goal to correct this situation by creating a "service for users." When it came to choosing executors, the choice fell on us, because we are best suited to the customer's business approach and took on all the pain points of development. This allowed the client to concentrate on thinking of interesting ideas and marketing strategies while we were engaged in business logic and its implementation into the technological side.

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Andrii is a content manager at MassMedia Group software development company. He is an expert at business running processes and methodologies, software solutions and is in charge of most crazy creative ideas concerning the content and targeted marketing.