When I say “autoimmune support” obviously I am not supporting the illness, but am focused on supporting the rebalance and healing of the immune system.

Often the way that traditional medical physicians treat an autoimmune condition is to suppress the over-active and damaging immune system that is turning against itself and harming the host. In one way this slows down the damaging process, yet leaves the patient vulnerable to other outside influences that may attack a shut-down immune system.

The natural support solution is to identify the root causes of why the immune system or body has started attacking itself. Here are some of the known reasons why an autoimmune issue may arise:

• Dietary allergens or antagonists resembling host cells trigger an immune reaction first against the ingested substance and later against the seemingly similar host cells
• Outside pollutants create on-going chronic stress leading to habitual cortisol bombardment, adrenal fatigue, systemic inflammation, other conditions that create imbalance in the body’s systems
• Deep inherited or learned emotional patterning focused on subconscious feelings of unworthiness and related self-defeating emotions causing the body to eventually, under stressful conditions, turn upon itself

There are many other possible reasons why autoimmune disorders may occur in a body, however these are the ones I generally address using diet and nutrition, wellness coaching, and energy psychology tools.

There have been amazing breakthroughs in treating and relieving the symptoms of autoimmune disorders by removing the toxic causes as mentioned above. It is our hope that the medical community will start to adopt these non-invasive approaches.

In the meantime (w)holistic practitioners using natural, non-invasive treatments to support the healing of autoimmune conditions need to perform more clinical studies and document these many cases of spontaneous healing after the toxic substance(s), lifestyle patterns, or emotions/beliefs are removed, before the masses can truly be helped.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is a practicing Energy Psychologist who uses Naturopathy and Energy Medicine approaches to support the natural healing of autoimmune disorders. You may learn more at www.ArielaGroup.com or www.AlchemistAnne.com or www.MyEFTCoach.com.