Latoya Dawkins, an infertility survivor and founder of nonprofit Our Miracle Child provides financial support and patient services for those struggling with infertility, after personally having battled it for 10 years. Her 'aha' moment came after lacking the proper treatment coverage and walking into clinics, where few faces looked like hers, due to Black women experiencing more roadblocks to receiving fertility treatment. As a healthcare attorney, Latoya understands and values the importance of comprehensive resources for patients with overwhelming costs of medication, treatment and staying on track with therapy.

Her picture book On My Way: Howie and the Light illuminates Latoya's playful adoration for children, although she doesn't have her own. The picture book’s lesson resonates with children no matter where they go in life, and all proceeds from the series fund grants for infertility patients through the foundation. The grants awarded will help couples without insurance or financial resources pay for infertility treatments and have the possibility of holding their miracle baby.

Dawkins plans to branch out a subsidiary under Our Miracle Child called Beyond Blue for children diagnosed with early depression. She says, "The umbrella company Our Miracle Child will not only be focused on helping couples bring their miracle child into the world, but nurturing that child once they are here. My husband was clinically depressed as a child and it manifested later in his adult life." 1.9 million children have diagnosed depression and Latoya’s husband described himself as a “blue child,” despite being celebrated as a scholar and becoming a football and track star. In honor of his memory, their subsidiary will partner with donors to build a network that empowers and improves the lives of children with depression by supporting designated sports and music enrichment programs, two of Joe’s myriad of talented gifts.

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Latoya Dawkins is counsel for a global biotech company, author of the picture book series On My Way: Howie and the Light, public speaker, Founder of Our Miracle Child Foundation, and infertility awareness activist. Dawkins earned her B.A. in English Literature from Pennsylvania State University State College in 2000, her M.A. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University and J.D. from Seton Hall Law School in 2017. She has spent over a decade in the healthcare industry space, and dedicates her time to the Latoya and Joe Dawkins Miracle Child Foundation d/b/a Our Miracle Child, which is geared towards helping infertile couples. Her first book, On My Way: Howie and the Light was published on her late husband’s birthday, and all proceeds from the book series go towards funding grants through the Foundation. Dawkins shares her personal fertility journey and how she turned her pain into purpose.