Able Restoration understands just how water damage can occur in your attic. To help you prevent water damage or the need for mold remediation, let Able Restoration help you with your efforts to control moisture in your attic.

Attic Insulation

Quality insulation will be thick, soft and fluffy. The insulation will grow to become thin and flat if it has been damaged by moisture or water. The attic insulation should be inspected frequently, especially after it has rained.

When inspecting insulation, be sure to touch and thoroughly feel for moisture. If moisture is detected, find the source and fix the problem right away. Most insulation will become ineffective if it has become wet as it will continue to hold onto moisture for a very long period of time resulting in high moisture conditions. Remove and properly dispose any and all wet insulation.

Attic Vents

When it comes to the attic, proper ventilation is key. Most homes have vents installed along the peak of the roof. Keep an eye out for moisture or surface discoloration around the vent as it is a sign of a problem. Find the source of moisture and fix it as soon as possible. Also be sure to remove bird nests or debris that may be blocking the vents.

Attic Ceiling and Floor

When inspecting your attic be sure to look above and below you. Thoroughly inspect openings in the roof, plumbing pipes, vents and chimneys. Be sure that all surfaces are dry and that there are no visible signs of mold or rot.

Examine the underside of your roof’s sheathing, rafters and trusses for any signs of water stains. While inspecting during the daytime, take the time to make sure that roof is completely sealed by looking for any signs of light penetrating through cracks in the roof.

The floor should be examined to be sure that it is dry with no signs of moisture. Keep in mind that water has the ability to run along the attic floor, rafters or truss for quite a distance before it eventually comes through the ceiling.

Be sure that there is plenty of insulation throughout the house to keep heat from escaping and condensation from building up by checking for holes, or air leaks.

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