Parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder often find that the hours and money spent on tutoring does not significantly improve their children’s grades. This is because tutoring and remedial programs do not address the root of the issue.

Learning is like constructing a building. It needs a solid foundation, followed by strong walls and a well made roof. When struggling students receive remedial help or tutoring, this only affects the roof. Sometimes it only affects the rooster weather vane! This is highly ineffective if the walls are crumbling or the foundation is cracking.

Students with ADD and ADHD need help solidifying their foundation and strengthening their walls. There are many specific skills found in these areas including focus, thinking speed as well as visual and auditory processing. Children with Attention Deficit Disorder need a plan that builds up these skills in order for them to be successful in school.

What Strengthens the Foundation and Walls?

Brain Training addresses the issues needed to create a strong foundation and wall structure. While training, children with ADD and ADHD practice movements to a consistent beat and their brains get a workout. This workout helps specific areas of the brain become more efficient. Once these areas are “well toned,” students feel the difference in their learning foundation. Learning and homework become easier. They see improvements in areas like focus, organization and self-control as well as in academics such as reading and math. Because the renovation of the foundation stabilizes the entire structure, all progress gained is permanent.

Most students with Attention Deficit Disorder train five days a week for four to six weeks. It works like a video game. Students use their personal computer and a hand or foot trigger. Each time they play, they work to improve their score. As their scores show more accuracy, the brain grows in efficiency.

When is Tutoring Beneficial for Students with ADD and ADHD?

Only after the skills in the foundation and walls are fortified with brain training can children with Attention Deficit Disorder benefit from tutoring. Once students with ADD and ADHD have the solid structure on which to work, tutoring serves as a temporary measure to revisit topics and catch the students up to grade level quickly. Then they can stay at grade level and learn with the class because the brain training has strengthened the specific brain skills that make learning easy.

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