Since time immemorial, Indians have been giving special significance is given to feeding the needy and deprived. It is believed that by feeding the underprivileged, we not only support someone in need but also add good to our Karma. Similarly, feeding animals are also very significant. In ancient Vedas and scriptures also, there is mention of the importance of feeding animals, and how by feeding animals, can absolve the sins, and enhance the positive Aura. Feeding every animal with accordance with planetary positions gives absolute fruitfulness, and fed with utmost sincerity and not expect anything in return.


According to Sanathana Dharma, a cow is considered as the symbol of Earth and known as the mother of all animals. Also, in many communities, cow is sacredly worshipped. By feeding a cow, one can overcome the malefic effects of planets in the horoscope, People looking for a child or favors through real estate should feed a cow. It is beneficial to feed green grass and or sweet flours.


Since ages, people are feeding many small and harmless creatures. It is believed that fish takes all the adversaries and safeguard the people from troubles. If anyone wants to get away from debts, and are seeking money, they should feed dry fly or flour balls. Fish must be fed early in the morning and after sunset. Keeping an aquarium and feeding a fish is very fruitful.


Dogs are not only human’s best friend but also safeguard from the wrath of the planets like
Sani, Rahu, and Ketu. Usually, people feed Rotti, an Indian flatbread to a black dog on Saturdays. It is believed that it saves from malefic effects of Saturn. Anyways colors have nothing to do with planets, people can feed any dog of any breed, color or size, and escape accidents. Many people would love to raise a pet. Otherwise, the chances of becoming unfavorable positions of planets are high.


Rahu is one planet which causes troubles, so by feeding ants, one can escape from the wrath of Rahu. Sugar can be fed to ants, hence by feeding ants, one can fulfill the desires and make sure that their homes are not destroyed. The reason behind ancient Indian homes used rice flour, is to feed ants and other small animals.


Feeding and offering water to birds is not only a noble cause but also has an astrological significance. By feeding millets and grains to these small creatures, one can overcome trouble related to education and career. Also, it helps in rendering problem-related solutions to the children. By keeping food and water in the terrace, one can open doors to prosperity and abundance.


Although there are no special effects highlighted to cats, offering milk and taking care of cats solves legal issues and keeps the people away from few bad incidents.


Though rats are dangerous pests, there is a separate Bikaner temple in India for rats and they are served foods and sweets, legends also believe that rat worshipping benefits the birth, death and rebirth lifecycle of a human. These are few animals and their significance offerings based on planetary positions and common follow-ups.


Since time immemorial, it is a walk of life, to take care of all the animals and birds. Worshipping nature and safeguarding the small animals are one way of preserving the ecosystem.

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