Ayurveda is an old type of Indian medication that has reference to verging on each ailment condition that could happen to a person alongside its treatment modules and counteractive action conventions. Ayurvedic drug is thought to be sheltered as it is made of every single common item and makes utilization of herbal concentrates alongside natural deductions in all its medicinal definitions. It keeps up body adjust and keep up comprehensive prosperity of the body, soul and the psyche.
Knee joint agony has turned into a typical issue for senior citizens, as their synovial films between the joints gets disintegrated after some time and rubbing diminishes after some time. They create torment in the end even with gentle effort. Knee joint agony is likewise regular for the individuals who are large, as the joint is not ready to endure with their body weight. Allopathic treatment for such knee issues may incorporate surgical repair and other agonizing medicines. Be that as it may, in Ayurveda it is conceivable to securely, viably and effectively remember joint torment with the assistance of Asthijivk oil.
Elements of the oil:
The home grown oil is a strong blend of various valuable yet uncommon herbs that is being figured into a glue to treat fundamental muscle and nerve structures. As the oil is rubbed over the skin, it can possibly enhance dissemination in the muscles underneath enhancing blood stream in the courses and quick development of the harmed layers. Herbs utilized as a part of the oil are either utilized as a part of the type of oil or as an ark to remove the best properties of the oils. Its key herbs are Gwarpatha, Ajwain, nirgundi, Arand, Haldi, Aswagandha to give some examples.
Headings to utilize:
Around 8 grams or 2 spoons of the oil is brought and blended it with tepid water keeping in mind the end goal to make a glue like consistency to be connected and kneaded on the knees. The arrangement is best connected amid evening before going to rest. After use of the oil, the range must be secured solidly yet not firmly with the assistance of a wool fabric and leave in set up for the whole night the zone must be washed off with tepid water in the morning and again is to be kneaded with direct asthijivak oil. For rehashed utilize, the same fabric can be utilized in the wake of washing. Alert is to be taken not to apply an excess of weight while performing knead.
Focal points of utilizing the oil:
• Rubbing with the oil enhances dissemination.
• Rubbing helps in diminishing torment and irritation.
• Bone harm happening with age gets recharged with calcification.
• Back rub with the oil diminishes harm to the ligament.
• The oil helps in reinforcing the supporting musculature.
The herbal oil that gives you a faster relief from arthritis, tendonitis, knee, neck, back, shoulder, musculo-skeletal, sports, diabetic, age-related and all types of joint and muscular pains!

• It helps reduce inflammation, swelling, stiffness of joints, and muscles
• It helps reduce chronic, sudden, acute, and diabetic nerve pain
• It nourishes and repairs knee joint muscles, ligaments, cartilages, joint cushion, and tendons
• It improves knee lubrication, joint health, and relieves knee and other joint pain
• It helps reduce discomfort related to degenerative diseases (such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis)
• It improves your joint movements, walking, and stair climbing
• It improves knee bending, knee joint functions, and the overall quality of your life!
• Enjoy the benefits of a pain-free living!!
• Use it with confidence and feel the difference in just a few applications!
• Get rid of pain and celebrate a pain-free living now!!
As it enhances grease it is conceivable to walk effectively after harm.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to help your knees by helping maintain range of motion and strengthening the muscles that support them. Research shows that even relatively minor increases in the strength of the quadriceps – the muscles that run along the front of the thigh – can help reduce the risk of knee osteoarthritis and its progression, and reduce pain. Exercise can be helpful for other forms of arthritis, too, because it strengthens the muscles that support the joint. Proper exercise also may reduce the risk of knee injury and, if you need knee surgery, it will make recovery easier.

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asthijivak oil and Paste has been used for decades by lakhs of people and has produced magical results. Asthijivak oil & Paste is an herbal treatment, 100% safe, which is made of very rare & valuable remedial plants found in the Himalayas