The application of Information Technology in our industry grows rapidly. The functions of technology plays a vital role in our everyday works, specifically in the field of business industry. Nowadays, from the small enterprises up to the large-scope business organisation's, they are using different technologies to support and help their business grow. One best example that describes the application of information technology on business industry is the use of computers to support and create special functions on business operations. Computers are said to be the most influenced technology that covered the support in the overall business operations.

Computers become essential in our industry because of its important uses and functions that surpass the human skills and abilities in terms of accuracy, time capabilities and quantity limitations. The main characteristic of the computers is its ability to create special programs that was designed and developed specifically with its special usage and functions. Some examples of the software's program are the billing system that calculates the billing process of the business, inventory system that counts and control the inventories of the business, and other special programs like record keeping software program. These software's program was designed and created specifically to meet the business demands in solving their major problems in running their business.

One example of a software program that becomes in-demand today in tracking business assets is the asset tracking software. Asset tracking software is the leading software program that tracks the business assets automatically. It's main function is to track the assets that is important in the business operations. The best application of the asset tracking software is to track the moving assets like vehicles, laptops and other important assets of the business. These software programs have the ability to create report's, analysis, and other information's that is important for planning in the business operations. The main advantage in using the asset tracking software is its ability to monitor and update the business assets during business operations as well as connecting and controlling the business inventories.

It is really amazing that these technologies can create special functions that supports our needs in work. These applications best describes that we are more creative enough and uses our initiative towards our work because of its function that help and supports us to become successful in everything we do. We do hope that through our continue learning, initiative, and proper use of these technologies, we can produce and discover more advance technologies in the near future.

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