Well, it is rightly said that confidence is the key to success. And being positive is the biggest factor which leads to boost up your confidence. Confidence is what you get when things go right in your way but to you.

That’s not only the key to confidence and being assertive, you can gather up the courage and make things work according to you. One can develop their self-esteem and self-confidence by trusting themselves, by gaining that they can even enhance their productivity and accomplishment at work. So let's learn as to how to be assertive by developing some assertiveness skills.

There are varied skills that assist in developing your confidence and, making you more positive started with all the way, let's get started with learning them you which will further assist to you to perform better at work, in business or in your social life.

Focus on your posture:

The first and foremost thing which reflect your personality is your posture, they say the first impression is the last impression, so a person with a slouched posture would definitely put himself in a bad position than a person with an energetic erect posture.

Chin up, stand straight and win hearts that the mantra for gaining confidence. Show them your assertiveness and willingness, that where you will get confidence from.

Maintaining eye contact:

Maintaining eye contact another vital habit you must implement while talking to somebody, maintaining eye contact is a symbol of respect and attentiveness you show to the person you are talking with.

It makes the other person know that you are listening and giving due importance to his words. It is a form of etiquette which one should implement in his daily routine.

Reflect positivity:

Being negative about compliments or not agreeing to it in the first place is a sign of a non-assertive person. In order to learn assertiveness skills, one needs to be very positive about the compliment, well common somebody is complimenting and praising you, you ought to be confident about yourself stop doubting and start living. Love the skin you are in and make your flaws your strength.
Step in your personal space:

Well, there are times you need to step back and spend time with yourself and be away from the negativity of other people. Bingo you are going right take your time out pamper yourself, go on a vacay all by yourself, enjoy your own company well at least for some time.

There is nobody than yourself who can make you more strong and confident than ever. You will surely see many assertive people following this routine, well that's what keeps them moving forward in their life.

Listen attentively:

It is very well said a good listener is the best learner. Knowledge is everywhere you need to listen and understand. The whole world is your classroom, you learn from your experiences.

Listening is also one of the most crucial parts of being assertive. Listen to the speaker, observe the non-verbal messages he is delivering, ask questions when you don't understand a thing that's how you learn.

Learn the value of time:

Time, as we all know, is a very important part of our life. You cannot reverse it, it cannot come back, so you ought to be valuing it until it is gone, wisely use it. Only valuing your time solely won't make you an assertive person but you ought to value the time of others as it is equally important.

For instance, Get on to the meeting which is scheduled for the day on time, be punctual and show your assertiveness towards the person you are meeting, valuing his time and your time.

Learn or hone these skills and boost your morale to the next level. High confidence level can improve your performance in many ways that you may not believe. So, get started today and assert yourself to improve your confidence.

Author's Bio: 

Nicki Jenns