www.ASOMAssageMusic.com is a much better alternative to some of the online streaming options such as Pandora. Places like Pandora sound great – but it’s a problem when you’ve attuned yourself to the rhythm of the music in the massage or other bodywork session and suddenly a loud and blaring commercial comes on and completely ruins the therapeutic environment you’ve tried to create with the music. People are also starting to complain about the fact that due to the lack of control users have, they end up hearing the same tracks too often. They want more choice.

Members of www.ASOMAssageMusic.com enjoy the freedom to choose – that is, download - each track at a time for ultimate flexibility, selecting from internationally acclaimed artists, burning their own cds, playing them back on any mp3 player and using them as often as they want.

Here’s a club which redefines online massage music delivery. It fills a specific need for variety and the power of choice in the massage therapy industry. No one wants the same music for their entire career, but let’s face it – it’s expensive to build up a solid selection to keep one’s treatment space sounding fresh and feeling alive. www.ASOMAssageMusic.com is much cheaper than buying cd’s or purchasing downloadable albums from iTunes. Massage therapists finally get to build solid music libraries at a fraction of what it used to cost.

The owners have recognized the need for a central place from which to choose massage music. This will become a key component to therapist’s bodywork businesses everywhere. Therapists are busy and often don’t want to put the legwork necessary into finding appropriate music for their sessions. www.ASOMAssageMusic.com does the legwork so therapists can get the music they need and focus on their careers.

Plus, its system is built such that members aren’t constantly thinking about “spending.” The low monthly fee takes the stress out of “how much is this track?” or “what will this cd cost me?”

Now here, one might think how great it is that it’s so affordable, but what about the artists - are they being well compensated? And the beautiful answer is a resounding YES! There is distinct ingenuity behind the model of this one-of-a-kind service, and its very existence is built around the importance of the music creators getting paid so they can keep creating, and therefore the wheels can keep on turning.

The sheer flexibility of the membership is also noteworthy: Members can tailor each playlist to certain clients, depending on their stylistic taste or need for specific therapeutic sounds. Also, members can leave a trail of bread crumbs to their favorite pieces via the simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating system, and also via the chat forum in the member’s area. This is great for word of mouth – members can recommend certain tracks to others within the community.

Putting you in complete control over your own playlists, www.ASOMAssageMusic.com is apparently the only clear alternative for maximum choice in quality music, more affordable than ever, for today’s working bodywork therapist.

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ASOMAssage Music has done the leg work for massage therapists. They've partnered with some of the finest composers and producers the world over and compiled them in one convenient location where members can download tracks and build their own playlists, without the worry of $1 per track like iTunes and giving them ultimate control over what gets played when, a luxury users of streaming sites like Pandora simply don't get.