This article is for those people who are outsourcing their articles and who are leaning towards hiring freelance article writers through freelancing sites. In here, I’ll help you create a detailed article writing project that interested parties can bid on. Through this, you’ll be able to help your prospects bid accordingly. Let’s get started:
1. Make use of descriptive headlines. Keep in mind that the first thing that your potential service providers will see is your headline or the title of the project. You need to give these people very clear idea as to what you’re looking for otherwise, they will not waste their time opening and reading your brief. For example, you can say “I need 15 articles (500 words) about juicing for health.” This is way better compare to just saying “I want articles.” As you only have limited space to use, make each word count.
2. Explain the type of articles you’re looking for. On your article brief, tell your potential service providers exactly what you’re looking for. Indicate the number of articles you need, their word count, the topics, the required research, the format to use, and the SEO techniques to utilize. It will help if you can attach sample articles that they can use as their guides.
3. Payment and deadlines. Be very straightforward when discussing about payments and deadlines. Tell these people your budget and ensure that it’s reasonable. There’s no way that you can attract serious bidders if you’re offering $10 for 100 articles. Right now, most freelance writers are charging $3-$15 per article depending on their skill level and expertise. Those who have proven track record will obviously charge more as they can guarantee you with high quality, well-written articles. As for the deadline, 3-5 articles per day is considered reasonable.
4. If you want bidders to write a sample article, make sure that you tell them that. Don’t worry as most legit freelancers are more than willing to write sample articles on topics of your choice. As you’ll be using the sample articles to gauge their skill level, make sure that it’s just short. 250-300 words should be enough.
5. Copyrights and plagiarism issues. Although most freelancers already know about it, I would say that you still remind them that you’ll get the copyrights of the articles once you paid for them. Remind these people that they cannot make use of your articles in their portfolio and that they’re not allowed to send these articles as samples to their potential buyers. Also, remind them that you will not tolerate plagiarism. I am pretty sure that the last thing that you would like to happen is to get articles that were directly copied from other sites as this may result to penalties from major search engines. It will help if you tell these people that you will not pay them and that you’ll leave negative feedback on their profile should they not deliver 100% unique articles.

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