Everyday, hundreds and thousands of internet marketers are looking for ways on how they can get more out of their article marketing campaign. They want more traffic, more online exposure, better page ranking, stronger online presence, and expert status in their chosen niche. If you’re one of them, I would like to tell you that the only thing that you need to really get what you want is to be consistent in doing the process day after day after day.
Writing and distributing articles on a daily basis isn’t fun all the time; I wouldn’t lie about that. I know a lot of article marketers who were so excited when they started out but quickly lose that excitement once mental and physical fatigue kicked in. What they do is that they stop writing for a day or two until they lose the motivation to write all together.

If you don’t want to become one of them, you need to find ways on how you can keep yourself motivated. You need to always remind yourself the reasons why you’re doing the entire process. As for me, I keep pictures of the things that I would like to buy and the places that I would like to visit next to my computer. Each time I don’t feel like writing, I tell myself that Paris and Venice can no longer wait. It really works.
Don’t get me wrong; you have all the rights to rest and get some time-outs from time to time. In fact, I think this is the key to make sure that you will not hate the process all together. I suggest that you write just 5 days a week then, spend the other 2 days doing things not related to article marketing. Go swimming, have dinner with your spouse or friends, go to the local park and play with your kids, or simply do the things that you really enjoy. By doing this, you’ll feel like article marketing is not your whole world. Getting two days off will help you avoid that mental fatigue that can lead to writer’s block.

So as not to easily get tired of the process, I suggest that you make it as organized as possible. Set your writing hours and try your hardest to stick to it every single day (5 days a week). Avoid writing for 3 or more straight hours. Get some coffee breaks in between. This will help you keep the quality of your articles.

It will also help if you get somebody to assist you. I suggest that you delegate tasks that you don’t really enjoy. Don’t like doing content or keyword research? Then, hire a researcher. Not a good proofreader or competent editor? Then, get a professional editor to do the legwork for you. Through this, you can just focus on what you do best and you’ll be able to become more productive.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. To read more of Sean's articles click here: Easy Ways to Convert Prospects to Buying Customers.