Over three million Canadians suffer with the devastating symptoms of arthritis - inflammation and suffering. Osteoarthritis involves over 100 forms of inflamed disorders with arthritis and arthritis the most common. Arthritis is a degenerative condition caused by deterioration of the ligament and fibrous that pillows the combined.

It typically occurs later in lifestyle and impacts the standing and walking combined parts - waist, legs and backbone - resulting in suffering, inflammation, and rigidity of the combined parts. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease that can appear instantly at any age, and may go up and down in intensity. The defense mechanisms produces antibodies that cause harm to the combined parts resulting in inflammation, suffering, inflammation and deformation.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs) are commonly prescribed to reduce the inflammation and suffering of arthritis, yet their popularity is declining as many serious and deadly adverse reactions have appeared, such as stomach sores and blood loss, improved gut leaks in the structure, bloating and renal harm.

Lately, one class of these medication (COX-2 inhibitors) has been linked to improved risk of strokes. Surprisingly, long lasting use of these medication can actually intensify combined wellness by speeding up the malfunction of fibrous and ruining healthy fibrous cells. With all these disadvantages, it is not surprising that many are turning to natural techniques to managing arthritis. Below are my top supplement suggestions for arthritis relief:


Celadrin is a blend of human extra fat that works to decrease inflammation, lube combined parts and promote treatment, thus offering benefits for both rheumatoid and arthritis sufferers. In a study of sixty-four individuals with joint arthritis the use of Celadrin was discovered to decrease suffering and inflammation, and improve versatility and variety compared to sugar pill. (Hesslink, 2002) Celadrin is sold by various companies in pills, supplements and creams and has no adverse reactions. The suggested quantity is 1500 mg everyday. Cream is applied twice everyday.

Essential Unhealthy Acids

Both the omega-3s (fish oil) and omega-6s (borage, primrose oil) have been discovered to help decrease the inflammation and suffering associated with arthritis. These "good" body fat work in part by boost levels of prostaglandins - hormone-like ingredients that have anti-inflammatory activity. Omega-3s are also very beneficial for center wellness. Usual quantity of these oils is between 2 and 4 h everyday.


Glucosamine is vitamin used by our bodies in the of fibrous. It energizes the of new fibrous, prevents minerals that break down ligament, and decreases inflammation and suffering. Plus has been analyzed substantially for arthritis and discovered to be much like NSAIDs, yet better accepted. The suggested quantity is 1500 mg everyday.

S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe)

SAMe is a vitamin produced in our bodies that is vital to the wellness and development of my cells and organs. In the combined, SAMe is involved in fibrous development and repair.

Supplementing with SAMe has been discovered to decrease the inflammation and suffering of arthritis and to activate fibrous development in numerous research. Lately, the US government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality performed a review of 10 research on SAMe for arthritis and discovered it equally effective to NSAIDs. (Hardy et al, 2002) SAMe is very safe and well accepted. The suggested quantity variety is 400 to 1200 mg of natural (Isoactive) SAMe everyday.

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Safe natural medicine for arthritis known to have beneficial effect on the health of joints and bones approved by US FDA.