When you are considering natural healing remedies, you can't forget the plant-based therapy, known as aromatherapy.

For those that are searching for natural healing therapies, aromatherapy uses various parts of different flowering plants, trees and shrubs, along with spices and herbs that are known to have medicinal properties.

  • For many centuries, aromatherapy has been used in many ancient cultures and it is still used today for spa and home treatments that encourage relaxation and meditation.

Many people might be surprised to find that it is still practiced in alternative medicine treatments or those that are known as complementary medicinal treatments, where the body's systems are naturally enhanced.

  • Through the use of the essential oils contained in many different kinds of plants, there can be teas, skin oils and herbal incense made to provide relief from all kinds of physical and psychological ailments.
  • Certain aromatherapy ingredients are known to relieve stress and anxiety while others are known to help skin disorders, digestive and circulatory problems and can clear congestion, for example.

When you consider some of the most popular herbal ingredients for medicinal treatments of the cold, you might think of camphor, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil in a vaporizer because they relieve congestion and discourage infection.

  • For those with the flu or nausea, peppermint is a popular tea and the candy that is typically served in restaurants after a meal contains peppermint oil, which is known to aid the digestive system.
  • This is just a couple of the medicinal examples where essential oils are commonly used, but there are many other aromatherapy oils that are used in alternative medicinal treatments.

If you consider that many of the aromatherapy products are essential oils, teas and herbal incense, you can see there are ways that this plant-based therapy can be taken internally, topically on the exterior of the skin and through the olfactory senses, which directly enters the bloodstream through the respiratory system.

  • These are the main ways that aromatherapy remedies have been used throughout the centuries, although many people think of aromatherapy as pleasurable bath oils, candles and soaps.

Herbal incense has remained the same throughout the centuries, although new blends and formulations have surfaced, but most of them still incorporate the same ingredients that have been used in traditional versions for centuries.

  • Of course, the main reason for this is that there are certain essential oils that have been used to treat certain ailments that are a whole-body affect, such as depression, high blood pressure and muscle aches so they are known to promote better mood and better immune system health.

Many of the best anti-aging products and skin therapies on the market today contain some of the traditional essential oils that have been proven helpful for those problems over the years.

  • Lemon, aloe vera, lavender and rose oils are commonly used in many skin lotions and other plant-based remedies include berries, spices and citrus fruits that are high in antioxidants and essential oils that have medicinal values.
  • When you consider the similarities of the plant-based therapy options, aromatherapy and herbal medicine are at the root of their history.
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Whitney Segura is an expert in aromatherapy and is also the owner of Dragon Spice USA, a company that distributes wholesale herbal incenses and aromatherapy products in the United States.