A frequent problem that is coming to my attention is the number of ministers, rabbis, those in the clergy, who get in touch with me because of voice loss. For many of these people, they are sometimes losing their voice before the end of the sermon. Unfortunately, microphones are not the answer because in most of these cases, they are using an amplification system.

The problem lies in their internal amplification system. Because most people use their voice box, pharynx, mouth and nasal cavities as their primary amplifiers, they place tremendous wear and tear on their vocal folds and throat. Your first reaction to that statement might be a question. What else would they be using?

While those four cavities play an essential role in the production of voiced sound (phonation), the one cavity that is missing is that of the chest. The majority of the population is unaware of this valuable resonator in phonation because the majority are breathing incorrectly. We are renowned for being lazy or shallow breathers - 99% of mankind - and in doing so, we are unable to make use of the largest of our resonators, the chest cavity.

Those who use their chest cavity as their primary sounding board include Sean Connery,
Cher, Diane Sawyer, and James Earl Jones, to name a few. Each one of those voices is distinctive, deep in pitch, warm, and resonant.

Politicians, coaches, teachers, trainers, drill sergeants, public speakers, actors, and, of course, those in the clergy place a premium on their vocal instrument. If you are tired of losing your voice before the service is over or if you are experiencing chronic hoarseness or a persistent sore throat, it will not stop until you change the way you use your voice. It is called vocal abuse and there is no drug or particular amplification system that will make it better. Vocal abuse does not go away on its own until you change your method of speaking.

If you doubt my words, listen to Hillary Clinton today. After 2 years of daily campaigning, she did severe damage to her voice. Had she had voice training, she could have avoided the hoarseness that now plagues her sound. In addition, she has great difficulty increasing her volume because of the amount of yelling she did during the campaign. There is a huge difference between yelling and projection, the latter which will not hurt your throat nor your listeners' ears.

You have a message that needs to be heard, today more than ever. Without a voice, your words are lost. If you let your chest do your talking, your parishioners will hear the message.

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