Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, Kuan Yin states the universe will bring “whatever one wants”. Whether instant or long term: any personal request should ultimately match one’s deepest sensibilities, wherever one is on that spectrum. Aware of one’s innate power, one can then call forth the self-sustaining manna; deciding the direction for the road ahead. And then, brick by brick; build that road: "Following one’s heart, continuing on one’s divine path can bring abundance.”-Kuan Yin

To a greater degree, Western civilization embraces a prosperity mindset. Specifically, that we each can attract our dreams. What differentiates prosperity from poverty consciousness?

Kuan Yin maintains that a poverty consciousness is "assuming the worst and always worrying about money". Apart from this deity's perspective, another is that to gain wealth is to be decadent and even corrupt. However, other teachings assume that money need not be a degenerative force: that it is neutral and how it is spent and directed is what matters. You might want to grant yourself permission to release any hindering ‘belief debris’ around money and then allow the abundance of the universe to flow forth.

The world surrounding us reflects our present concept of beauty, pleasure and abundance. Building upon this, one can discover and allow to flow any hidden talents, perhaps achieving one's greatest potential. In this way, one could transcend any restrictive beliefs. Children usually do not contemplate whether they are predominantly happy or sad. Nor do they necessarily worry about what will come in the future. Rather, it is primarily their nature to experience the moment. As one matures, though, one may gradually lose the ability to be spontaneous.

One can be playful and spontaneous and still not be apathetic to the world around them. The adult world contains myriad potential distractions and responsibilities. One could put off quality time for themselves or with their family because of economic worries. Delaying living in the here and now could therefore become habitual.

Additionally,‘serious' often implies a sober, focused and often admirable approach to life whereas ‘playfulness’ is sometimes interpreted as apathy—a non-caring, unfocused and even irresponsible approach. Yet,children quite naturally use games and imagination for learning and solving problems. ‘Playful’ can therefore be an important focus unto itself, allowing one a wide range of generosity and freedom of expectations while potentially providing the positive emotional support for a successful and abundant outcome.

There are many who supposedly seek a pleasurable and prosperous life while carrying the heavy burden of guilt and unworthiness; mindsets that ultimately require the individual later do some form of penance. While this thought-dynamic could attract some temporary success, it may inevitably attract the punishment one subconsciously fears. Thus, realigning with our self’s truly spontaneous, loving and compassionate nature is central to Kuan Yin's spiritual teachings.

Your present reality reflects your deepest beliefs and desires from which you will ultimately magnetize other reality-parameters. Deciphering and editing these, therefore, can be crucial. As your level of innovative perception and manipulation expands, your creative force could assist you in being carried beyond former limiting boundaries. Riding this ‘wave’, you can then receive expansive feedback from ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ sources. This process may then continue to spontaneously unfold through the function of your natural awareness and interactions in life.

If you are a generous and compassionate person by nature, the universe will want to give back to you. But, some would rather not receive because they do not feel worthy. Having doubts about a beneficent universe, someone could also block any of life’s bountiful gifts. A person could employ these mindsets to feel more in control of their life. But this tactic can backfire, depriving or causing someone to be oblivious to many of the wonderful experiences the world has to offer.

Skillfully attracting and receiving that which benefits you is an art. If you are having difficulty attracting what you want in life, you might be perpetuating one of the following limiting mindsets:

1. You believe that there isn’t enough love, healing or resources for everyone.
2. You believe that you are “better than” having to receive gifts from others and/or the universe: that receiving makes you somehow weak or vulnerable.
3. You believe life is a competition and only the strong will win. It is weak to accept gifts or favors.
4. You believe you are unworthy.
5. You believe that money is decadent and not spiritual; that you are above having money.

A person could have come to the above conclusions during this lifetime. According to Kuan Yin, however, many traits and beliefs are karmic; cultivated in another lifetime/another culture. Being centered in your moment-to-moment consciousness, you begin to familiarize yourself with those expansive or limiting personal beliefs and their reality-parameters within and surrounding you. With focused intent, you can comprehend changes that are both small and great.

Because of this power of the moment, you can only center upon one concept at a time. Love or fear! Abundance or lack! Which do you choose? In your creative mode, you ‘prime the pump’ for action. That stance alone should be sufficient to initially attract potentially fulfilling circumstances. Be aware, when these opportunities come along, that you are at the attraction helm. To a great degree, the joy of being alive, therefore, is deciding upon the most expansive and creative choices for your life.

Conversely, if you believe you have minimal control over reality, you could always be waiting for someone or something to rescue you or wondering when the other ‘shoe will drop’. Waiting mode, when used skillfully, can help one make prudent choices. At its worst, though, it may keep one in drifting mode, unable to make a commitment.

If you are in avoidance mode, having been shoved into a ‘retreat stance’, this can vastly inhibit your manifestation powers. It is paramount that you examine your beliefs about yourself and humanity: whether or not you agree that the belief choices someone makes every second of the day will attract what they want. For example, a belief in suffering can undermine someone’s most ambitious desires:

“Wrong assumptions are made about suffering. Some individuals even believe that it is required, that suffering brings one closer to salvation. Quite to the contrary, the God Force likes to play. The God Force is separate and not separate, whole and not whole at the same time. Really, it is not ‘sliceable’, not reducible. Even when it is sliced into individual energies, it does not diminish the total God Force or the power of the individual. Each of you has the potential for the God Force potency.” -Kuan Yin

Author's Bio: 

Author/artist/hypnotist Hope Bradford has spent the better part of her life teaching and writing about the law of attraction: how beliefs, intention and emotional patterns can play a central role in the creation of personal reality. In 2004, her hypnosis client Lena Lees spontaneously channeled Asian goddess Kuan Yin's spiritual teachings which included teachings on the laws of compassion and attraction. For more information on Hope Bradford manuscripts please visit Amazon Author Central Page: http://tinyurl.com/23g98ea