Motivation is a funny thing, and far too often the reason you don't move forward or succeed on something you badly desire is because you get in your own way.

Why do you get in your own way and self sabotage when you clearly want something? From my own experience of coaching and mentoring clients over the past 10 years, I've seen some common patterns of human behavior emerge. If you recognize them in yourself, that's awesome, because AWARENESS is the first step in making effective behavior and thought changes!

The need to look good or to be right:

How many times does ego get in the way of productivity? Far too often. We are afraid we may not get it right, so we work it and work it until the opportunity is gone. Results? Missed opportunities and bank accounts that don't grow. Solutions? Start saying "yes" to things and make yourself finish them before going onto the next project. We've all heard "done is better than perfect" and when it comes to your business getting attention, you've got to STOP trying to be perfect and START finishing things that get you noticed!

The head in the sand syndrome:

I can spot it a mile away....there's an excuse given for every little thing that does not go their way. Can't exercise? Someone keeping them to busy. Can't work on their action plan? Someone needed them badly and they could not let them down. Excuses are a way of letting yourself off the hook, but they only hurt the person making them. If you can't rely on yourself, unfortunately, your clients and prospects will quickly find out that the unreturned phone calls and promises are falling short, and they won't be relying on you either. SOLUTION? Make promises to yourself and others ONLY if you can keep them, then do just that!

The fear of saying "hell yes" to ourselves and accepting joy, prosperity, happiness and success:

Do we dare accept ease? What about the voice in our head well established when we were growing up that said "if you want to get anywhere in life, you've got to work hard, and it won't be easy!" Yes, we do need to stay focused on our goals, and put in the effort, but I have seen people literally knock themselves out with exhaustion and overwhelm because they don't allow themselves to do anything but work their fingers to the bone. And, in that state of exhaustion, gone is their real efficiency, their real creativity and let's face it, they're not very attractive to a potential buyer when stressed to the max.

So step up to the plate, tell your other self that likes to hold you back to step aside, and shine your light in a way that is a beacon to others and gets you noticed! How have you stepped aside so you can be your very best??

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Jane Morrison, coach, mentor, and speaker, teaches female entrepreneurs marketing strategies so you stop holding yourself back and become the awesome business woman of your dreams. When you work with Jane your business will skyrocket, replacing overwhelm and doubt with clarity, confidence and action that gets real results! Author of "Savvy Leadership Skills for Women Entrepreneurs", Jane is your advocate for marketing makeovers. Take advantage of her FREE motivational resources, including a complimentary Visioning Session, at