The new coronavirus outbreak has shaken the whole world. Everybody is really concerned and scared as the virus has affected everything. As you know that the world is at risk and it is not the normal flu, cold or disease. You may have an idea that coronavirus is actually a virus found in animals and that is why all the community or owners having animals and pets are really worried. If you’re also thinking that your cat can get covid-19 or not then read this article to find full-fledged information. The incredibly basic thing that you need to welcome your dog in your house with an emotional support dog certification.



ESA, Pet And Coronavirus: Important Information You Need To Know

You will explore here about the ‘new’ coronavirus. The word new is used because there are so many coronaviruses out there but Covid-19 is not one of them, it is latest and different. Nobody can explain exactly what a new coronavirus is because it has been under observation for a few months and its vaccine has not been made yet. 


The WHO (World Health Organization) states that it has originated in China by the end of December 2019.


Furthermore, the CDC (Centre For Disease Control) stated that Covid-19 spreads with the droplets that may release during cough, sneeze, flu and when someone touches his nose, eyes, mouth or face with those infected hands or things that carry droplets may risk his/her life. 


According to the latest study of WHO, they announced that coronavirus is airborne as well and people should wear masks whenever they get expose to open air. The symptoms of coronavirus are approximately similar to flu, fever and cold symptoms but they do not appear in every patient. Most of the people usually show mild symptoms. You must always have a support animal letter while travelling.


As you know that there is much-breaking news these days and whenever you pick your phone up, you discover something really strange. Same happens to those who are concerned about their pets and emotional support animals. With the emergence of this deadly coronavirus, you may come across many rumours about cats.


Should You Be Worried If You Have A Cat?

Probably not. There is no proof that cats could be the carriers of covid-19. Therefore, you need to be calm and should not worry about your cat. You can check the WHO website and can make sure that they have said, that cats can not get coronavirus. However, much research is needed. 


As coronavirus is found in animals and cats do have this virus but that virus can not be transmitted to humans by cats. And most of the felines fight back the virus, just a few of them get severe conditions and dies. 


Do You Have An ESA Letter For Your Cat?

As you know that everyone is really afraid of coronavirus and if you want to move somewhere with your animal then you should have an ESA letter. There are so many people who are getting notices from their landlords to leave their pets or let them get out of the house. But if you have an esa letter for housing, it means that you have a legal right to live with your pet and no one can separate you from your ESA. 


Can You Fly With Your ESA?

Well, this is a piece of humble advice that no one should travel anywhere these days because of the coronavirus outbreak. You should stay at home and take care of yourself and your dear ESA. 


In order to fly with your ESA, you must have a legitimate emotional support animal letter from LMHP ( Legal Mental Health Professional). Otherwise, you may face some troubles as different airlines have different policies.  Get emotional support letter for your pet to go anywhere along with you.


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