In traditional network marketing we are taught to lead with our product or opportunity. Also in traditional business we are taught to promote our products and services heavily. Well, when we come online and try to apply those same tactics, it is not looked at as effective marketing.
Here are three ways that you can start developing effective marketing campaigns online.
Before we go into the strategies if may seem like common sense, but it is worth a mention. To switch from being a spammer to an effective marketer you must have a desire to change. If not, this article will be useless to you.
3 Ways To Become An Effective Marketer
1.Help those people who want your help. There will always be people who want whatever you are selling and people who do not. Take the time to understand the people who you are marketing to instead of fire-hosing everyone who steps into your path. This will lead to effective marketing in your home business both online and offline.
It is also true that some people will want to work with you, and some people will not. If you are in a network marketing company, and you were fortunate up to sign some people up, don’t just leave them hanging. This is not effective marketing.
Of course some of the people will have a something for nothing attitude. Practice discernment so that you won’t waste your time with those people.
Otherwise focus on helping those people who want your help, and get out of the mindset of chasing and begging people who are not interested in you or your offer. You will find that the more people you help, the more others will start to want your help. This is effective marketing.
2. Increase your value. The more valuable you are to others, the more you will attract people to you. You will soon find that you will have more business than you can handle, and you will not have to chase anyone.
You can increase your value by learning everything you can about the product or the company you are promoting.
Also read books, listen to audios, watch videos, and attend seminars so that you can learn more about your industry.
If you do these things you will become a valuable resource to others, and you will be perceived as an expert in your industry. This is a much more effective marketing strategy than chasing and trying to convince people.
3. Understand the law of the farm. This is a principle that applies to everything in life as well as in effective marketing. You have probably heard it several times, although some people try to manipulate it for their own gain.
The more you give, the more you will receive. The more people you help, the more money you will make. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. If you plant a seed and care for it, in due time it will produce fruit.
Understanding this principle will change your paradigm from somewhat of a selfish focus on how much money you can to how many people you can serve with the value that you provide, and how you can get compensated for it.
If you do these things, you will start to develop effective marketing campaigns, and cease being viewed as a spammer.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen, The Cartoon Coach,
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