Are you seriously considering undergoing laser eye surgery? We have to understand who should undergo laser surgeries as there are several people who don’t meet the medical standards needed for this high tech eye operation. We must bear in mind that this procedure is not at all like magic; it’s still a process after all.

Laser eye surgery benefits particular individuals more than other people; it is actually dependent on individual conditions. For instance if you’re blind, this procedure will be no longer useful. Neither it is of any good use if you have a certain problems in vision which has something to do with one’s brain.

It is suitable for persons who have problems in the lens of the eye or cornea. Basically, there are 2 different kinds of laser surgeries—the Photorefractive Keratectomy or the PRK and the more common LASIK—Laser in-situ keratomileusis. LASIK is more preferred by many people and thus, more popular. Best Candidates for This Kind of Surgery.

If one plans to undergo LASIK surgery, one must be 18 years old and with contact lens prescription or with stable eye glasses for at least 2 years. And you must avoid having surgery if your medicines consist of immuno-suppressants or steroids because this could delay or suppress the healing process.

Laser eye surgery is apt for those persons who are having difficulties or problems in their eyes, like Astigmatism, Hyperopia (farsightedness) or Myopia (nearsightedness). Laser eye surgeries would not aid individuals with vision problems related to age, like presbyopia. Presbyopia takes place when the lens becomes less flexible and this condition has nothing to do with the cornea.

Let’s say that you suffer from myopia. This also means that you could not see distant things in a clear view, but you can only see things which are up close. However, if one’s myopia has already reached an extreme stage, then this high tech operation might no longer be beneficial.

Also, in the case of extreme astigmatism, it will no longer work. In the same way, if one has a big pupil, it is only useless as the laser would not be able to reach where it needs to. Laser eye surgeries will only be beneficial to an individual if he or she has a normal bad eyesight or vision.

Each and every person’s eye condition is different and distinct; hence, indications and contra-indications could only be evaluated by pre-operative tests. A person could go for this surgery if their eyeballs has stopped growing already. And that’s why younger persons can’t undergo laser eye surgeries. This operation can’t take care care of the future eyeball growth.

Nevertheless, if your eyes check out fine for laser surgeries, there are also other things to consider prior to having the surgery. • The eyes must certainly be in good health—without irregular blood discharges or pus • The patient must importantly be in good health. • The patient must not have undergone a prior major eye surgery or operation.

This can bring about unpredictable healing.

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