A blocked Fallopian tube is a common factor leading to female infertility. Many females don't understand all kinds of questions about the tubal blockage. Today, we collected a few problems with a tubal blockage that infertility patients are more concerned about. Let's learn about it together.
What are the causes of blocked Fallopian tubes?

1. Inflammation fallopian tube

Tubal inflammation is the most common cause of tubal obstruction, including salpingitis, pelvic peritonitis, etc. Inflammation affects the tubal cavity and its surrounding tissues, making the tubal cavity narrowed, the lumen epithelial fiber hair defect, the formation of scar or fibrosis, or lead to tubal adhesion, or affect the normal peristalsis of fallopian tube, thus affecting the transport of fertilized eggs.

2. Congenital dysplasia of fallopian tube

If there are congenital lesions of the fallopian tube, appear slender twist, or tubal dysfunction, these will cause a tubal blockage.

3. Endometriosis

If women with endometriosis, then, will change the pelvic environment, so that the uterus in chronic inflammation for a long time, long-term inflammation without treatment, will cause tubal adhesion or tubal obstruction.

4. Gynecologic tumor

The gynecological tumor is also one of the causes of fallopian tube obstruction, such as a chocolate cyst or adenomyosis. It directly oppresses the fallopian tube in the form of protruding tumor body, making it adhere to the surrounding tissues, and it will also lead to tubal adhesion and blockage.

When should we do an examination? Who needs to be checked?
Infertile patients: Generally speaking, the couples have normal sexual life and do not take contraceptive measures; one year is not pregnant; it is recommended to do the fallopian tube examination.

Women with ectopic pregnancy: check whether tubal diseases cause ectopic pregnancy and whether there is tubal obstruction, adhesion, or hydrops.

In addition, the patients had done abortion surgery, and accompanied by abdominal pain on both sides may have a pelvic inflammatory disease, and pelvic inflammation is a major cause of blocked fallopian tubes. So, pelvic inflammatory disease patients with infertility can do fallopian tube examination.

What are the conditions of fallopian tube blockage? Is it have a significant impact on pregnancy?

A Blocked fallopian tube mainly includes the following conditions: fallopian tube unobstructed, interstitial part of the fallopian tube, isthmus, ampulla of the ampulla, umbrella end blockage and so on.

There are three essential conditions for successful pregnancy: first, healthy sperm and eggs; second, smooth fallopian tube; third, good uterine environment.

The blockage of the fallopian tube indicates that the road is blocked. Adhesion or obstruction of any part of the fallopian tube may lead to the failure of sperm and egg combination, or the failure of fertilized eggs to enter the uterus successfully, thus affecting pregnancy.

How long do blocked fallopian tubes need to treat?

Curative effect and treatment time or to the patient's personal physical conditions and determine, can not be specific to a few months or several courses. But the effect of herbal medicine Fuyan pill for tubal blockage is still very good. Some patients will naturally become pregnant after one or two months of treatment. Also, the pill considt of more than 50 herbs. They won't cause any harm to the body. However, it always depends on the individual situation and can not be generalized.

Some doctors ask patients with blocked fallopian tubes to do IVF, is it necessary?

A Blocked fallopian tube can be recanalized after trial pregnancy, but in some cases, surgery can not pass. One is that the distal hydronephrosis is more serious. Even if the hydronephrosis is removed, the fallopian tube is open, but the cilia inside the tube have been damaged, unable to transport eggs and embryos. In this case, it is necessary to do in vitro fertilization.

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