People who have been in the full time workforce for a decent amount of time have witnessed incredible job markets; during a booming economy you may witness people getting multiple offers with very little effort on their part. Then there are times when one gets to witness slow markets and at other times come across exceptionally difficult scenarios.
During the lean phase even adequately experienced people with very good education behind them find it difficult to land or keep jobs. It is only natural then for people to look towards external forces responsible for the ups and downs in the job market.
We then need to devise actionable ways and means that can be taken to land that job regardless of a weak or robust market.
To put things into perspective, for any given individual looking for a job the unemployment rate at a given point of time is in the bracket of zero to hundred percentile. The moot point is either you have a job at the present time or you don’t.
Moving forward shun the notion that a given job is beyond your reach. At the same time do not blame your degree or the lack of it, your location from the work place, the advertised job opportunities. As they say when the going is tough the tough get going, now instead of adopting a laidback attitude where you vest your job search control in your school, career / recruitment services or your professors you need to adopt a proactive approach to the whole thing and we are going to show you how.
At the onset let me assure you that to successfully conduct a job search you do not need a specific degree or very specific technology. Harnessing social media and certain technological tools would suffice. To be successful though, you need to take a structured approach, certain actionable steps and the steely willingness to see through the entire process.
Anyone can adopt the following steps and emerge successful at the end of it.
1. Identify your target job type
2. Position yourself competently
3. Research and find out the needs of the employers
4. Network with prospective employers
5. Stay motivated, organized and focused during your job search
6. Negotiate and seal the offer
Always remember your life dictates your job search and not vice versa, you embark on a fulfilling journey to enrich your life and it should lead you to the dream job you are seeking, rather than it ending in a nightmarish experience.

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We take a holistic look at the overall picture which the job market presents at a given time and emerge successful by giving the competition a tough run for its money while living our life and not getting bogged down by the challenges of job marketplace.