If you are reading this right now, I believe you have dreams and aspirations. Now the question I have for you is, are those dreams and aspirations easily achievable? If they are, then they are not big enough. Look, we were not called to be mediocre in life. We were created for greatness. Are you holding yourself back from achieving greater success in life? This is something we will discuss in this article.

First things first, I want to mention that your dreams and aspirations need to be difficult to achieve. That is the only way you can push yourself and remove the barriers that you may have first placed around you. Furthermore, think about this for a moment. By choosing a goal that is easy for you to achieve, how much satisfaction do you think you will get out of it when you finally reach it? You may not need to develop yourself much in order to reach that simple goal. On the contrary, if your target is something that you feel you cannot achieve, then that is where your journey of self improvement and achieving greater success begins. You will find ways to try and hit that target of yours. Think of the success stories of people who went from nothing to massive achievements. Do you think they were satisfied with mediocre goals?

Now I am not saying that you cannot have small milestones within your journey. As a matter of a fact, you should have them. Achieving greater success and big goals will be easier you break it down into bite-sized portions, and by that, I mean smaller milestones that you want to meet. That will give you a sense of direction and clarity as well. It is like you going on a treasure hunt. You may be a long way out from the end point, but if you plan your route, you will know how to get there. Another good example that just came to my mind is the TV show called The Amazing Race. How do the participants know how to get from one point to another? In most cases, they will look at a map. Sometimes the contestants will ask the locals for help. Whatever the case is, the contestants need to break down their journey.

So do not be afraid to set big goals. I encourage you to expand your mindset and remove all perceived limitations. The only thing, or person, that is holding you back from achieving greater success is you.

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