In a day and age where it seems just about everyone has a blog, what are you doing to differentiate your blog from the countless others out there?

Even though the popularity of blogs seems to have dwindled to some degree due to the explosion of Twitter in recent years, which allows individuals to get their messages out in fewer than 140 characters numerous times a day, having a successful blog today takes some work.

When it comes to sports blogs, there is just an endless supply of these floating around. With that in mind, your blog needs to stand out from other sports blogs in order to be recognized and even in some instances provide you with some extra income.

Given that today’s sports headlines quickly becomes yesterday’s news, your blog needs to set itself apart from the deluge of daily newspaper sports sections and 24-hour sports headlines on the television and Internet.

If you’re going to create a blog that is just a general overview of the sports world, good luck. You and countless other individuals have likely tried this route, getting basically nowhere over time. The goal here in creating a killer sports blog is finding a special niche within that segment of the blogosphere.

Perhaps you could blog about how bad the officiating is in the NBA or NHL playoffs? Perhaps a sports blog touching on the best and worst sports commercials currently running on television is where your niche will be? Or, maybe try a sports blog that targets the best and worst sportscasters on television today.

A sports blog can also serve as a good support anchor in the event you work full-time, but are looking to supplement your income.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to scan the Internet to see what others in the sports blogging arena are doing before creating your own blog.

The bottom line is you need to make your blog stand out and create something that will bring readers back time and time again. And most importantly, write, write and write more.
The one thing that will kill any type of blog is not regularly updating it. If you have a popular blog, it is likely due to the content and the fact that it is being updated on a regular basis, not once in a blue moon. If you are avoiding blog updates due the lack of ease, it might be time to look into a new web design that is easily changeable.

Given the fact that sports is a big part of many people’s lives in one form or another, finding the right sports blog topic could be quite the score for you in more ways than one.

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