The Coronavirus pandemic may have disrupted the lives of many around the world, but what can also not be denied is that it has helped technologies like cloud, big data, and cybersecurity know their capabilities. Businesses are finding new ways to use data effectively. The global lockdown has spun an era of digital transformation leading to better job opportunities in the IT sector.
While the current skills and experience of a candidate make a great difference to firms hiring in the IT sector, at the same time it is important to up your game for IT recruiters may soon start the search for new skills in the post-Covid work set up. Here are a few areas that may see better job vacancies in the IT sector.
With the pandemic forcing people to be locked away and work from home, a spike has been witnessed in data usage across the globe. IT firms are looking for data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence growing steadily. With the surge in data, one can only expect this demand to grow in the coming years.
Cloud platforms have emerged as the backbone of all IT infrastructure. Only recently a well-known newspaper agency reported that if a study by Instinet in March 2020 is to be believed, 68 percent of CIOs believe that migrating cloud is a top priority right now. The pandemic has accelerated the use of cloud platforms and IT recruiters are looking to hire cloud architects to meet the demand for these platforms.
Security has always been the topmost priority for all CIOs. With Telecommuting becoming the norm post- COVID, company data is exposed to bigger risks. Cybersecurity has become even more critical, resulting in a good rise in demand for security architects and ethical hackers. As one of the top IT recruitment agencies in India, Prometheus helps recruiters find the best talent for their firm.
Digital Marketing
With people having to totally cut down on their social lives, companies across all industries have started encouraging the use of social media to stay connected and know about the latest trends. Digital marketing has thus become a lifeline for CMOs as they get an opportunity to take feedback from customers and stay updated on the latest marketing trends.
Business Analysts
As businesses make the move from offline to online, digital channels are going to become mainstream across sectors like Retail, Education, and so on. Business Analysts help firms realize the pros and cons of a particular model, and that is why more is digitalization, the higher will be the demand for Business Analysts.
It cannot be denied that a wide range of jobs is at risk, considering the economic downturn caused by the lockdown. But upgrading your skills for IT recruitment will ensure that while you adapt to changes in life, your career growth is in the right direction. Prometheus Consulting helps recruiters find the best talent for their firm. If you’re an IT recruiter looking for the best talents in the industry, we can help you shorten your hiring time and efforts. To know more visit

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Ajey Chaudhary is a recruitment consultant with about 15 yrs of experience in Hiring. He has worked with many MNCs and specializes in tailor-made recruitment solutions for Executive and Manager levels.