Each and every one of us is a Spiritual Being. We are also Physical Beings. Can we be two things at the same time? Yes, we can and we are. So what does it mean to be both? Well, as Spiritual Beings we live in a physical body. As such we are prone to issues that affect the physical body such as: love, fear, anger, dishonesty, insecurity, disease, heartbreak, depression, fatigue, suicidal thoughts and other ailments of the physical self.

Our hearts which holds our emotions is the center of our physical self and it is our emotions that control all the other areas of our physical self. If our emotions are unhealthy it will affect our mental state, which then affects our physical state. It causes dis-ease within our bodies. If our physical self is not well, then our spiritual self will also be affected. If we focus on just being a Spiritual Being and ignore our Physical Self, our Physical Self will suffer deeply. Being a Spiritual Being does not prevent our physical self to be affected by everyday life issues. But if we develop our Spiritual Self then it will helps us to cope with the ailments of the physical self.

Although we are Spiritual Beings it does not mean that we are always acting in the highest alignment of our Spiritual Selves. Our blueprint is already one of a Spiritual Being, but it doesn't just end there needing no additional work on our part. We need to work on our Spiritual Self. But how do we do this? This is done by first working on our mental state, which is a part of the physical self. So why not work on our emotions first since it is the center of our physical self? That's because our emotions are the deepest part of us and to access them we need to work on ourselves layer by layer or else we will be overwhelmed. Since our emotions influence our mental state, we first need to start working on changing our thinking about our self and about our life. When we begin to change our thinking we begin to feel better about ourselves. We begin to be more loving to ourselves which in turn causes us to be more loving to others.

Our heart is the vault of our emotions. To access them we need to cross a river, climb a mountain, ride a wild bull across the terrains, and then finish by crossing a Moat before receiving the key to open the Castle. You then take several winding staircases down to the precious Vault. I don't have to tell you about the thick door protecting the Vault that has not been opened in years. Once you have begun to work on your mental state which will result in the healing of your emotions, your Spiritual Self will begin to improve and become stronger. Be forewarned, working on your spiritual self at the same time as working on your mental and emotional self can be overwhelming. The process can also be extremely painful. Work on small areas at a time. The benefits will be more than worth the struggle. As you walk your path of self-development and re-birth, ALWAYS remember that birth is painful, but it results in the emerging of a beautiful life. YOURS!

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Trudy-Ann Ewan, Author, Speaker & Life Wellness Coach, specializes in the healing of mind, body, heart and spirit. She works with individuals who are seeking to heal their past and move forward into a more holistic life. To learn more visit her website at: http://tinyurl.com/cyp-website where you can sign up for her free informative Newsletters, participate in interactive quizzes and Coaching Assessments and where you can also join her coaching program. You can join her on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/createyourpassion