Men seem to be more interested in meeting a girl for the first time and hooking up regardless of what she looks like. Are they attractive enough for a one night stand? Research shows that men are less picky in terms of who they will have casual sex with. Women tend to increase what is wanted in terms of attractiveness when seeking a casual adventuresome night and men on the other hand do not discriminate as intensely.

Dr Achim Schützwohl, from the Department of Psychology at Brunel University explored physical attractiveness and whether men and women were willing to accept any of these three offers:

1) To go out
2) Go to their apartment
3) Go to bed with them

In his research conducted in the US, Germany and Italy he used 427 males and 433 female students. The students were then asked if they were approached by another gender who has been described as slightly unattractive, moderately attractive or exceptionally attractive for a casual encounter which would they be likely to accept.

In each of the three levels of attractiveness described above men were more likely to go out, go to their apartment and go to bed with them. German men were less apt to go out or go to their apartment than Italian and American men. Italian men were more likely to just go to bed with them than American men. German men were less likely than American men to go to bed with them. The cultural and sexual morals played a part in the likely variations.

With the three offers given the men were more likely to engage in a woman that was moderately or exceptionally attractive than if she was slightly unattractive. Women increasingly placed significant importance on a man’s looks. Women were more likely to accept going to their apartment or going to bed from a exceptionally attractive man.

In the end if a woman wants to have casual sex she will most likely pick the exceptionally attractive man for the unplanned encounter. Are they attractive enough for a one night stand, well it depends on your gender?

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