The range of accommodation has never been more diverse for those planning a coming holiday. Resorts, no matter location, are an increasingly popular option for travelers seeking additional amenities. But are they really worth their cost? And, more importantly, are they a decent choice for your vacation?
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What is a resort?
Before answering those questions, it’s important to work out what a resort is. Years ago, a resort was simply referred to as a lodging property (often near the beach) with extra amenities like activities, meals, drinks, and more. Today, resorts are more complex, and there's nobody perfect definition.
Now they'll cater specifically to singles, seniors, families, golfers, or couples; offer a la carte or all-inclusive options; and be located within the mountains, near tropical beaches, or any number of places. Many regular hotels also are offering similar extras, making it difficult to differentiate between the two lodging types.
The experts we spoke to noted that hotels are getting increasingly competitive in offering additional services, but affirm that resorts still hold the market on all-inclusive lodging options, especially for convenience.
Who do resorts serve best?
Resorts are an honest option for travelers who wish to participate in planned activities, also as those that are less adventurous or don't want to expend tons of effort in structuring their vacation. Naturally, there are specific traveler groups who fit within this definition, and resorts make an effort to appeal to them directly.
Couples trying to find a romantic escape, who want to try and do things together, plus receive instruction and equipment on a number of the activities they need to try and do, would be a good fit for a resort, Wiser stated.
Resorts also are a well-liked choice with honeymooners seeking to relax after the stress of designing a wedding. Single travelers, on the other hand, also will find resorts catered just to them, with many nightlife, entertainment, and similar-minded travelers at an equivalent property.
Lastly, seniors can also be interested in the convenient amenities of a resort, as there's less hassle find activities, booking tours, and choosing meal options.
Who would not enjoy staying at a resort?

Because resorts are designed in order that you never need to leave the property, those that are more adventurous might not enjoy staying at a resort. A resort might not appeal to those that wish to get out and see a broader range of experiences, try the local dining scene, or explore on their own, said Stallings.
Also, because resorts aren't typically centrally located near downtown areas or outside attractions, Ziff suggested that young urbanites might not enjoy a resort. Also, as Wiser stated, those that just want to veg out, read a book and relax, and be by themselves could get a far better value at a hotel, as they're unlikely to require advantage of the included activities.
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