The world of design stretches farther than the eye or mind can see. There are so many aspects to the world that contain quality design. One of the most awe capturing and inspiring forms of design in many of our lives is architecture. Architecture varies world wide and can bring tears to the eyes if you are truly one who loves beauty and art.

Architecture design has been evolving since the beginning of time. There are so many houses of design and theories and avenues that it is difficult to grasp all at once. Beginning with the early Greeks and Romans who built the coliseums, architectural design has been given much thought. Those who enter into the field of architecture have a deep love for the artistic craft.

When you can look at a building and have your breath taken away, someone has done their job well. If you look at a building and contemplate the lines and the sweeping features and you are compelled to think of the beauty in the world being portrayed in cement, wood and metal; you truly understand what it is like to love design.

Over the decades and around the world, different trains of thought have come about. To many, a building is nothing but form and function. The purpose being served is to house people, to give them a roof and a safe place to rest their heads at night. Not much thought goes into some structures. When someone takes their ideas and puts them to blueprint, design in architecture spring to life.

If you consider that the places we live, the places we work, are more than just a roof and a fortress, you can get true enjoyment out of the space that you occupy, no matter what the reason for you occupying them. Form and function meeting design can turn your mood around, even when you're at work. If you have a building to go to each day that is aesthetically pleasing, it can give you a sense of pride.

It has been proven that people who enjoy their surroundings live more fruitful lives and produce more and better quality work than those who are stuck in a building that is drool, all day. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright have shown the world that the buildings we dwell in don't have to evade the nature and beauty of the world.

Wright incorporated the flow and lines of nature into his homes and buildings. They become part of the environment as opposed to cluttering up the skylines. When a building can give you inner peace, it is a truly beautiful thing.

Modern design doesn't have to be outlandish. Architects like Frank Ghery have shown us that materials like steel and cement can be molded and shaped in ways that they represent the beauty of the world, not the cold, hard stark reality of work and business. Taking their craft to others, architects teach us that we can design our lives, just like they design the buildings we spend our time in.

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Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer. Her current area of specialism is curtains, desks and furniture