It is true that there has been a real revolution in home design over the last decade in Marbella and the rest of the world. Aside from architectural styles, which have always followed cyclical waves of demand and inspiration, technology has also been the key factor in changing the way we build, equip and enjoy our homes.

Location Moves

Suddenly, the exotic luxuries we dreamed of in the 1950s and 1960s are within our grasp, including not just advanced heating, air conditioning, security, lighting and irrigation systems, and soon features like scheduling. Home automation to make your home warm and welcoming, with the lights and the fireplace on when you arrive, will be within everyone's reach.

Plus, your favorite soundtrack will play, the coffee will flow, your bathroom will be ready the way you want it, and the curtains will automatically adjust according to changes in light and movement of the sun. You can even have an advanced food processing unit prepare a meal while having a glass of wine and setting the table.

Where the future meets the present

Many of these features are already available in more advanced homes, and we have them here in Marbella, in important residential areas such as La Zagaleta, Milla de Oro, Sierra Blanca and Los Monteros, to name a few - a few. Movie and entertainment theaters, outdoor kitchens and bars, and panoramic pools or hot tubs are already quite common in luxury properties.

All of these features, along with the gardens and terraces, spacious interiors, magnificent views and proximity to nature, became more valuable during the containment of Covid-19, in which millions of people around the world have been forced. to spend more time than usual. at home, living, working and educating their children at home.

We now fully appreciate well-built homes that offer space, greenery, views, and proximity to nature, as well as amenities derived from modern technology. Not only in the form of private spas and indoor pools or luxurious home entertainment systems, but also in the form of technology that allows you to work efficiently from home and have your children study remotely.

These houses also allow us to be in contact with loved ones that we cannot temporarily visit, and we can almost hear architects, engineers and designers as we think of ways to learn from the current situation and integrate ourselves. these lessons. in future homes with optimized technologies; various spaces and relaxing gardens and terraces, even in simpler properties with less space in Marbella.

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