Aprilaire has produced the Aprilaire Healthy Air SystemTM for residential use to help in the fight against virus-sized particles and provide clean, healthy air.

Brandon Glancy, the Corporate Training Manager of Aprilaire, helps thousands of HVAC professionals grow their business by learning the ins and outs of selling Indoor Air Quality solutions to homeowners. 

We at Insights Success a Business Magazine caught up with Aprilaire in our expedition to find ‘The 10 Best Performing Smart Home Solution Providers of 2021.’ We talked with Brandon to gain in-depth knowledge about Aprilaire’s decades of the innovative approach to contributing to clean air.

Let us go through their journey.

The Next Big Change

The COVID-19 pandemic brought high-efficiency filtration to the forefront of consumers’ concerns when considering a Healthy Home. MERV 13 filtration is becoming a standard among builders committed to delivering healthy homes due to the high capture rate of particulate PM2.5, the size considered to be most harmful to human health that includes viruses and bacteria.

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